The Future of the Napoleon Series

This coming year will be the fourth decade that the Napoleon Series has been in existence. With this milestone there will be major changes in the Napoleon Series. The first, and the most important of them, is that I will be transferring stewardship of the site to the Waterloo Association. This will ensure that it will continue to be maintained, modernized, and expanded in the future. Most importantly it will not be dependent on one person for its survival.

The second major change is with the handing over of the stewardship of the Napoleon Series to the Waterloo Association, I will be stepping down as editor of the site. The new editor will be Mr. Paul Chamberlain. I have been told by my Team that they will continue to support him as they have done for me. I know all of you will welcome him into the Napoleon Series family.

This turn over will occur over the next several months and the goal is to have it completed by 1 March 2020.

It has been my great pleasure to work with hundreds of people from over 20 nations who have contributed their time and research to make it the premier Napoleonic history site on the internet. I know that these selfless volunteers will continue to support the site after I step down.

Robert Burnham
The Napoleon Series