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Lionel S. Challis's "Peninsula Roll Call": Cabell, George to Cuyler, Henry

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Last Name First Name Middle Name (s)
Regiment or Position
Cabell George   Physician  
Caddell Charles   28th Foot  
Cadogan Edward   20th Foot 71st Foot
Cadogan Henry   71st Foot ADC
Cadoux Daniel   95th Foot  
Cadoux Matthew   95th Foot  
Caffry Bernard Jones 53rd Foot  
Cahill Nicholas   36th Foot  
Cairncross Alexander   94th Foot  
Cairncross William   57th Foot  
Cairnes Allan Billingham 60th Foot 34th Foot
Cairnes David   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Cairnes Robert   Royal Artillery  
Calcott (Berkeley) G. (George) Berkeley 43rd Foot  
Calcraft Granby Thomas General  
Calder Duncan   47th Foot  
Calder George   36th Foot  
Calder James   79th Foot  
Calder Stewart   Royal Sappers and Miners  
Calderwood James Dur? 12th Light Dragoons  
Caldicott H. G. 39th Foot  
Caldwell Hugh   91st Foot  
Caldwell William   13th Light Dragoons Staff Surgeon
Call George Isaac 9th Light Dragoons 77th Foot
Callandar John   4th Foot Staff Surgeon
Callender Alexander James 91st Foot  
Callow. W. H. 58th Foot  
Calvert Felix   52nd Foot 98th Foot
Camac John   1st Life Guards  
Cambeoso Caton   Assistant Paymaster General  
Cameron Alan   General  
Cameron Alexander   24th Foot  
Cameron Alexander   79th Foot  
Cameron Alexander   95th Foot  
Cameron Alexander (Seamadale) 79th Foot  
Cameron Allen   Royal Artillery  
Cameron Allen   1st Foot  
Cameron Angus   79th Foot  
Cameron Charles   3rd Foot  
Cameron Cosmo   11th Foot  
Cameron Donald   79th Foot  
Cameron Donald   7th Foot  
Cameron Donald   79th Foot  
Cameron Dugald   95th Foot  
Cameron Duncan (Camisky) 79th Foot  
Cameron Duncan (Clunes) 79th Foot  
Cameron Ewen   79th Foot  
Cameron Ewen   92nd Foot  
Cameron Ewen   79th Foot  
Cameron Ewen   43rd Foot  
Cameron Ewen (Erracht) 79th Foot ADC
Cameron Hector   9th Foot  
Cameron James   85th Foot  
Cameron John   79th Foot 1st Battalion of Detachments
Cameron John   79th Foot  
Cameron John   79th Foot 1st Foot
Cameron John   92nd Foot  
Cameron John   9th Foot  
Cameron John   92nd Foot  
Cameron John   79th Foot  
Cameron John Campbell 79th Foot 1st Battalion of Detachments
Cameron Kenneth (Clunes) 79th Foot  
Cameron Lachlan McLean (Clunes) 79th Foot  
Cameron Philips   79th Foot  
Cameron William   79th Foot  
Cameron William Gordon 1st Foot Guards  
Campbell Adam Gordon 26th Foot  
Campbell Alexander   Hospital Assistant  
Campbell Alexander   9th Foot  
Campbell Alexander   20th Foot  
Campbell Alexander   38th Foot 3rd Portuguese Line
Campbell Alexander   38th Foot  
Campbell Alexander   77th Foot  
Campbell Alexander   87th Foot 4th Garrison Battalion
Campbell Alexander   91st Foot  
Campbell Alexander   Royal Artillery  
Campbell Alexander (Ardnacross) 91st Foot  
Campbell Alexander (Ardnacross) 95th Foot  
Campbell Alexander (Gartsford) General  
Campbell Allan William 74th Foot ADC
Campbell Archibald   91st Foot  
Campbell Archibald   Royal West India Rangers 4th Ceylon Regiment
Campbell Archibald   59th Foot  
Campbell Archibald   77th Foot  
Campbell Archibald   General  
Campbell Archibald   92nd Foot  
Campbell Archibald   5th Foot  
Campbell Archibald   47th Foot  
Campbell Archibald   46th Foot 15th Portuguese Line
Campbell Archibald (Ardslingnish) 91st Foot  
Campbell Archibald Argyle 42nd Foot  
Campbell Archibald Montgomery Royal Artillery  
Campbell Charles   94th Foot Brigade Major
Campbell Charles   28th Foot  
Campbell Charles Stuart 26th Foot 3rd Portuguese Line
Campbell Charles W. 81st Foot Royal Corsican Rangers
Campbell Charles William 39th Foot  
Campbell Colin   9th Foot 60th Foot
Campbell Colin   75th Foot 70th Foot
Campbell Colin   46th Foot 1st Foot
Campbell Colin   26th Foot  
Campbell David   9th Foot  
Campbell David   94th Foot  
Campbell Donald   71st Foot  
Campbell Donald   79th Foot  
Campbell Donald (Glenorchy) 57th Foot  
Campbell Dougald (Dugald)   92nd Foot  
Campbell Dugald   91st Foot  
Campbell Dugald (Keallou) 91st Foot 2nd Portuguese Line
Campbell Dugald (Treshnish) 91st Foot  
Campbell Duncan   39th Foot Brigade Major
Campbell Duncan   91st Foot  
Campbell Duncan   88th Foot  
Campbell Duncan   57th Foot  
Campbell Duncan   43rd Foot  
Campbell Duncan   42nd Foot  
Campbell Duncan   42nd Foot  
Campbell Duncan (Barealdine? & Glenmure) 3rd Foot Guards  
Campbell Ewan   92nd Foot  
Campbell Francis B. 58th Foot  
Campbell Frederick   42nd Foot  
Campbell Frederick   85th Foot 94th Foot
Campbell George   52nd Foot  
Campbell George Colin 43rd Foot  
Campbell Guy   6th Foot  
Campbell Henry Frederick General  
Campbell James   94th Foot  
Campbell James   45th Foot Brigade Major
Campbell James   50th Foot  
Campbell James   51st Foot  
Campbell James   94th Foot 19th Portuguese Line
Campbell James (Bassachebean) 91st Foot 79th Foot
Campbell James (Inverneil) General  
Campbell James (Lochdochart) 79th Foot 1st Battalion of Detachments
Campbell John   57th Foot  
Campbell John   Volunteer 6th Foot
Campbell John   10th Foot 4th Portuguese Cavalry
Campbell John   11th Foot 17th Portuguese Line
Campbell John   42nd Foot  
Campbell John   48th Foot  
Campbell John   52nd Foot  
Campbell John   79th Foot  
Campbell John   51st Foot Royal York Rangers
Campbell John (Ardnacross) 91st Foot  
Campbell John (Killundine) 91st Foot  
Campbell John Alexander 58th Foot Staff Surgeon
Campbell John McD Hospital Assistant  
Campbell Leckie   47th Foot 95th Foot
Campbell Neil   54th Foot 16th Portuguese Line
Campbell Neil (Ardnahow) 79th Foot  
Campbell Norman   71st Foot  
Campbell Patrick   52nd Foot  
Campbell Patrick   48th Foot  
Campbell Patrick (Auch) Volunteer 42nd Foot
Campbell Patrick (Duntroon) Royal Artillery  
Campbell Peter   3rd Foot  
Campbell Robert   91st Foot  
Campbell Robert   52nd Foot  
Campbell Robert   38th Foot  
Campbell Stewart   42nd Foot  
Campbell Thomas Dundas 50th Foot  
Campbell William   71st Foot  
Campbell William   Staff Corps Cavalry  
Campbell William   7th Light Dragoons 23rd Foot
Campbell William   95th Foot  
Campbell William   30th Foot  
Campbell William   36th Foot  
Campbell William (Auch) 38th Foot  
Campbell William Claud 3rd Foot  
Campbell William Howe General  
Campbell (Graham) Thomas   1st Foot  
Canch Thomas   5th Foot  
Candler Robert   50th Foot  
Cane James F. 23rd Foot  
Cane Richard Drake 5th Dragoon Guards  
Canillac Joseph   Dillon’s Regiment  
Canning Charles Fox 3rd Foot Guards ADC
Cannon Aeneas   Royal Artillery  
Cannon William   94th Foot  
Capel Daniel   14th Light Dragoons  
Capel thomas   43rd Foot  
Capell Thomas Edward 1st Foot Guards Assistant Adjutant General
Carden Henry Robert 1st Dragoons  
Cardwell Henry   34th Foot  
Carew Robert   18th Light Dragoons  
Carew Robert   82nd Foot 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Carey Michael   83rd Foot  
Carey Octavious   10th Foot Calabrian Free Corps
Carey Richard   87th Foot  
Carey Thomas   3rd Foot Guards Assistant Adjutant General
Carey Thomas   2nd KGL Light  
Carey Tupper   Assistant Commissary General  
Carey William   5th Foot  
Cargill James Stewart 52nd Foot  
Cargill William   74th Foot  
Carleton Dudley   4th Dragoons  
Carleton George   44th Foot  
Carleton John   4th Dragoons  
Carlisle Robert   38th Foot  
Carmichael Alexander   1st KGL Line  
Carmichael Lewis   59th Foot  
Carmichael Lewis   Royal Artillery  
Carmichael Peter   79th Foot  
Carmichael Robert   42nd Foot  
Carmichael Thomas   47th Foot  
Carnaby Alexander   76th Foot  
Carncross Joseph Hugh Royal Artillery  
Carnegie John   62nd Foot  
Carnegie William Fullerton, Lindsay Royal Artillery  
Carney Patrick C. 2nd Foot  
Carnie Thomas   6th Foot 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Carolan William   Hospital Assistant  
Carolin John   1st KGL Line  
Carpenter G. Charles 15th Light Dragoons  
Carr Henry William 83rd Foot  
Carr James   76th Foot  
Carr John   14th Foot 15th Light Dragoons
Carr Robert   44th Foot  
Carrol William Henry 4th Foot  
Carroll Alexander   82nd Foot  
Carroll James   87th Foot  
Carroll John   60th Foot  
Carroll John   82nd Foot Staff
Carroll John   28th Foot  
Carroll Morgan   87th Foot Brigade Major
Carroll Richard   43rd Foot  
Carroll Richard   98th Foot 5th Foot
Carroll William Parker 88th Foot Staff
Carruthers (Carrothers) Charles B. 28th Foot  
Carruthers David   ADC  
Carruthers Joseph   43rd Foot Brigade Major
Carruthers William   43rd Foot  
Carson James   68th Foot  
Carss John   53rd Foot  
Cart Robert   84th Foot  
Cartan Thomas   40th Foot 15th Light Dragoons
Carter Charles   Royal Waggon Train  
Carter Dansie   15th Foot 58th Foot
Carter George   7th Garrison Battalion 6th Foot
Carter John   Apothecary  
Carter John   85th Foot 50th Foot
Carter John Chilton, L. 44th Foot Assistant Adjutant General
Carter John Vacasour? 30th Foot  
Carter Nathan Truman 40th Foot  
Carter Nathaniel   79th Foot  
Carter Robert   97th Foot  
Carter Thomas   Royal Artillery  
Carthew Charles   39th Foot  
Carthew Robert   Royal Artillery  
Carthew William   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Cartwright Joseph   Deputy Paymaster General  
Cartwright William   61st Foot 3rd Dragoon Guards
Carver Charles   9th Foot  
Cary Arthur   95th Foot  
Cary Dering   44th Foot  
Cary George Marcus Volunteer 95th Foot
Carysfort (Proby) Earl of   1st Foot Guards  
Case Edward   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Casey Bartholomew   43rd Foot 14th Portuguese Line
Cash Thomas   92nd Foot  
Cashel James   31st Foot  
Cassidy James   67th Foot  
Cassidy John   14th Foot 2nd Royal Veteran Battalion
Cassidy John   Volunteer 67th Foot
Cassidy Kirkwood   67th Foot  
Castle Robert   23rd Foot  
Castle Thomas   34th Foot  
Castleman James   Royal Artillery  
Castley James   15th Light Dragoons 12th Light Dragoons
Caswall George Newman 14th Light Dragoons  
Cater Thomas Orlando Royal Artillery  
Cathcart Andrew   91st Foot  
Cathcart Charles Murray Assistant Quartermaster General  
Cator William   Royal Artillery  
Cattanaugh (Cattenach) John   92nd Foot 1st Battalion of Detachments
Caulfield David   44th Foot  
Caulfield Henry   1st Foot Guards  
Caulfield John   4th Foot 6th Dragoon Guards
Causton John   Volunteer 27th Foot
Cavenagh W. G. 87th Foot  
Cavenagh Walter   Royal Staff Corps  
Cavendish George Henry, Compton 7th Light Dragoons  
Cavendish Henry Frederick, Compton 10th Light Dragoons 24th Light Dragoons
Cavendish John   4th West India Regiment Provost Marshal
Chabot Louis (Viscount de) William 9th Light Dragoons  
Chadwick John   40th Foot  
Chadwick Michael   40th Foot  
Chadwick Nicholas   58th Foot  
Chadwick Richard   28th Foot  
Chadwick William   3rd Foot  
Chadwick William   59th Foot 34th Foot
Chaffers Richard Unsworth 7th West India Regiment 22nd Portuguese Line
Challis John Henry 9th Foot  
Chalmers Andrew   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Chalmers William   52nd Foot  
Chalmers William   94th Foot  
Chalmers William   52nd Foot Brigade Major
Chaloner John   36th Foot  
Chamberlain Thomas   24th Foot  
Chamberlayne Frederick   16th Light Dragoons  
Chambers James   66th Foot  
Chambers Newton   1st Foot Guards ADC
Chambers Robert   45th Foot  
Chambers Thomas Walker 30th Foot  
Chambers William   18th Light Dragoons  
Chambers William Rodney 1st Life Guards  
Chambraux Caesar Augustus De Watteville’s Regiment  
Champ Thomas   43rd Foot  
Champagne Forbes   20th Foot ADC
Champion Luke   Volunteer 74th Foot
Champion Robert   7th Light Dragoons 10th Foot
Champion Warren   61st Foot Staff Surgeon
Champney Richard   74th Foot  
Chancellor Alexander   38th Foot 1st Battalion of Detachments
Chancellor John   61st Foot  
Chantry George   4th Dragoons  
Chaplin Thomas   Coldstream Guards  
Chapman Benjamin   9th Light Dragoons  
Chapman J. H., K. 32nd Foot  
Chapman James   61st Foot  
Chapman John   14th Light Dragoons 5th Dragoon Guards
Chapman Joseph   45th Foot  
Chapman Stephen Remnant Royal Engineers  
Chapman William   95th Foot 1st Caçadores
Chard Samuel   13th Foot  
Charles James Nesbitt Royal Artillery  
Charles John   36th Foot  
Charleton Andrew Robert 89th Foot 85th Foot
Charleton Edward   61st Foot  
Charlton John   Royal Waggon Train  
Charlton Robert   85th Foot  
Charlwood Benjamin   1st Foot Guards  
Charretie Thomas   46th Foot 2nd Life Guards
Charteris Thomas   57th Foot  
Chartres William   26th Foot  
Chatterton James C. 12th Light Dragoons  
Chatterway Joseph   60th Foot  
Chawner Andrew   61st Foot  
Chawner Anthony   Volunteer 95th Foot
Chawner Edward   95th Foot  
Check Edward   20th Foot  
Check George Nicholas Hospital Assistant  
Cheetham Isaac   79th Foot 40th Foot
Cheney C. Robert General  
Cheney William   1st Foot Guards 1st Foot
Chermside Robert Alexander 7th Light Dragoons  
Cherry Frederick William Royal Waggon Train  
Cheslyn William   48th Foot 13th Portuguese Line
Chester John   Royal Artillery  
Chetham John   61st Foot  
Chetham Richard   47th Foot  
Chetwynd William John 52nd Foot 4th Garrison Battalion
Chevers Lawrence   26th Foot  
Cheyne Alesander   Royal Engineers  
Chiavanda Francis Leonard Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Chilcot Charles M. 48th Foot  
Child Robert   26th Foot  
Childers Michael   11th Light Dragoons Brigade Major
Chipchase John   61st Foot  
Chisholm Donald   42nd Foot  
Chisholm James John 92nd Foot  
Chislette Henry   81st Foot  
Chitty Charles   27th Foot  
Choiseul Octavius   Chasseurs Britannique  
Choiseul Xaxier   27th Foot Calabrian Free Corps
Cholmley Robert   Royal Artillery  
Cholmly George   7th Light Dragoons  
Chowne (Tilson) Christopher   General  
Christian Edward   43rd Foot  
Christian James   11th Foot  
Christie Braithwaite   5th Dragoon Guards ADC
Christie Charles Maitland Coldstream Guards  
Christie David   Staff Surgeon  
Christie James   Royal Artillery  
Christie John   53rd Foot  
Christie John Stedman 79th Foot  
Christie Robert   88th Foot  
Christie Robert   79th Foot  
Chuden Paul Gottlieb 5th KGL Line 2nd KGL Line
Church James   95th Foot  
Churchill Chatham Horace 1st Foot Guards ADC
Chute Rowland   58th Foot  
Cimitiere Gilbert   48th Foot  
Clandinnon William   1st Foot  
Clapp William   Deputy Purveyor  
Clarence Surtees William 6th Foot Staff Surgeon
Clarges (Hare) Richard Goddard, Hare 23rd Foot  
Clark James   95th Foot 52nd Foot
Clark John   Staff Surgeon  
Clark (Clark-Kennedy) Alexander Kennedy 1st Dragoons  
Clarke Christopher   Royal Artillery  
Clarke Christopher   40th Foot  
Clarke Edward Stephen 44th Foot  
Clarke George   5th Foot  
Clarke George   50th Foot  
Clarke J. (Joseph) T. (Thomas) 28th Foot  
Clarke James   12th Light Dragoons  
Clarke John   4th Foot  
Clarke John   Hospital Assistant  
Clarke John   Volunteer 92nd Foot
Clarke John   76th Foot  
Clarke John   66th Foot  
Clarke John   28th Foot  
Clarke John   27th Foot  
Clarke John   5th Dragoon Guards  
Clarke John   27th Foot  
Clarke John Frederick 51st Foot  
Clarke Joseph   48th Foot  
Clarke Malcolm   Royal Artillery  
Clarke Patrick   30th Foot  
Clarke Robert   68th Foot  
Clarke Samuel   1st Foot  
Clarke Samuel   47th Foot  
Clarke Thomas   31st Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Clarke Thomas   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Clarke Thomas H. 5th Foot 1st Garrison Battalion
Clarke Thomas Noble 6th Foot  
Clarke William   29th Foot  
Clarke William   1st Foot  
Clarke William   6th Foot  
Clarke William Aldworth 40th Foot  
Clarke William Colin 95th Foot  
Clarke William Henry 4th Foot  
Clavering James   14th Foot  
Clay Knightley Musgrave 9th Foot  
Clayhills James Menzies 1st Foot  
Clayton William Robert Royal Horse Guards  
Cleary Richard Stanton 76th Foot 13th Portuguese Line
Cleghorn George   52nd Foot  
Cleland John   1st Dragoons  
Clements Henry   71st Foot ADC
Clements John Marcus 18th Light Dragoons ADC
Clements Robert Clotworthy 1st Foot Guards  
Clements William B. 9th Foot  
Clemison John   4th Dragoon Guards  
Clenchey (Claunchey) Cassius Matthew 3rd Foot 3rd Portuguese Line
Clerk Walter   95th Foot  
Clerke Christopher   Royal Artillery  
Clerke John   9th Light Dragoons  
Clerke St. John Augustus 94th Foot 77th Foot
Clerke William Henry 3rd Dragoons 52nd Foot
Cleve Urban   2nd KGL Hussars  
Clevis Andrew   KGL Artillery  
Clifford Miller   28th Foot 89th Foot
Clifford Nicholas   87th Foot  
Clifford Thomas   58th Foot  
Clifford William   3rd Foot  
Clifton Arthur Benjamin 3rd Dragoon Guards 1st Dragoons
Clifton Edward   Coldstream Guards  
Clifton George   1st Foot Guards Brigade Major
Clifton Thomas   14th Light Dragoons  
Clinton Henry   General  
Clinton Robert Cotton, St. John 16th Light Dragoons ADC
Clinton William Henry General  
Clitherow John   3rd Foot Guards  
Clitherow Robert   1st Foot Guards  
Clitherow William Henry 3rd Foot Guards ADC
Clive Edward   1st Foot Guards  
Close Charles   Royal Artillery  
Close Edward Charels 48th Foot  
Close Henry Jackson 25th Light Dragoons 5th Dragoon Guards
Clowes William Leigh 3rd Dragoons  
Clues Josiah   2nd Life Guards  
Clunes Richard   27th Foot  
Clunes William   50th Foot 54th Foot
Clutt James   1st Foot  
Clutterbuck George   1st Foot Guards Brigade Major
Clutterbuck William   2nd Foot  
Clyde John   23rd Foot  
Coane Alexander   95th Foot  
Coare George   23rd Light Dragoons 1st Dragoons
Coates Baker   52nd Foot  
Coates Edward Frederick 62nd Foot 6th Dragoons
Coates James   71st Foot 20th Portuguese Line
Coates William Henry 5th Dragoon Guards Staff Surgeon
Coats William   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Cobbe John M. Deputy Assistant Commissary General Assistant Commissary General
Cobbold Frederick   1st Dragoons  
Cochrane Basil   36th Foot  
Cochrane Christopher Irwin 47th Foot  
Cochrane George Germaine 87th Foot  
Cochrane J.   5th Dragoon Guards  
Cochrane James Johnstone 3rd Foot Guards  
Cochrane James R. 47th Foot  
Cochrane Robert   95th Foot  
Cochrane Robert   47th Foot  
Cochrane Thomas   95th Foot  
Cochrane William Erskine 15th Light Dragoons  
Cochrane William George 40th Foot  
Cock Thomas   12th Light Dragoons  
Cockburn Francis   60th Foot Canadian Fencibles
Cockburn Patrick Heron 88th Foot  
Cockburne Holmes   84th Foot  
Cockburne William Horace 9th Foot  
Cocke George   57th Foot  
Cockerell Robert   67th Foot  
Cocks Edward Charles, Somers 16th Light Dragoons 79th Foot
Cocks John Somers 2nd Dragoon Guards ADC
Cocks Philip   1st Foot Guards  
Cocksedge James Coppen 15th Light Dragoons  
Codd Edward   60th Foot  
Codd Garlike Philip, Robert 85th Foot  
Codd John   66th Foot  
Coen John   28th Foot  
Coffin Edward Pine ADC Deputy Commissary General
Coffin John Pine Assistant Quartermaster General  
Coghlan Andrew   45th Foot  
Coghlan James   45th Foot  
Coghlan Robert James 61st Foot  
Coghlan Timothy   11th Foot  
Coghlan William Henry 14th Foot  
Cohrs Heinrich   1st KGL Hussars  
Coker Thomas Lewis 29th Foot 12th Foot
Colborne (Lord Seaton) John   5th Garrison Battalion 66th Foot
Colburg Samuel   58th Foot  
Colburne James   2nd KGL Light  
Colclough Caesar C. 82nd Foot Deputy Assistant Adjutant General
Colclough Gladwin   20th Foot  
Colclough Guy   3rd Foot  
Coldstream John   26th Foot  
Cole Galbraith Lowry General  
Cole J. H. Assistant Paymaster General  
Cole John   45th Foot  
Cole John   68th Foot Staff Surgeon
Cole Richard   81st Foot  
Coleman Francis John General  
Coleman George   31st Foot 3rd Royal Veteran Battalion
Coleman George   39th Foot  
Coleman John   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Coleman Samuel Henry Dillon’s Regiment  
Coles Richard   11th Light Dragoons  
Coles Robert Bartlett 76th Foot  
Coles William Cowper 40th Foot 4th Dragoons
Collard Thomas   31st Foot Calabrian Free Corps
Colleton James Roupell Royal Staff Corps  
Colley Richard Jones 45th Foot  
Collier Charles   70th Foot Staff Surgeon
Collier George   Coldstream Guards  
Collingwood William Dixon 2nd Foot  
Collins Bassett   74th Foot  
Collins Benjamin Marshal 4th Foot  
Collins Charles   50th Foot  
Collins George   58th Foot  
Collins George T. 23rd Foot  
Collins Graves   61st Foot  
Collins J. R. Volunteer 1st Foot
Collins John   44th Foot  
Collins John   31st Foot  
Collins Matthew   88th Foot  
Collins Richard   General  
Collins Stephen   48th Foot  
Collins Ternow   74th Foot  
Collis Charles   6th Foot  
Collis Charles   24th Foot  
Collis John   61st Foot  
Collis William   34th Foot  
Colls William   5th Foot  
Collyer George   Royal Engineers  
Colquhoun Archibald   40th Foot  
Colquhoun George   2nd Foot  
Colquhoun James Nesbit Royal Artillery  
Colquhoun Robert   1st Foot Guards  
Colquitt Goodwin   1st Foot Guards  
Colquitt John Scope 1st Foot Guards  
Colthurst Fitzmaurice William 34th Foot  
Colthurst James   3rd Foot  
Colthurst James Robert 32nd Foot  
Colthurst (Brabazon) Nicholas   83rd Foot 7th Portuguese Line
Colville Charles   General  
Colville Frederick Charles, Acton 3rd Foot Guards ADC
Colvin Andrew   Hospital Assistant  
Colwich (Cholwich) William Francis 7th Foot  
Commeline Thomas   71st Foot  
Commerell William Henry 1st Foot Guards  
Connel John J. Royal Artillery  
Connell Andrew   61st Foot  
Connell John   26th Foot  
Connell John T. 1st Foot  
Connolly Edward   34th Foot  
Connolly John   11th Foot  
Connor C.   40th Foot 12th Royal Veteran Battalion
Connor John   85th Foot 103rd Foot
Connor John   57th Foot  
Connor John   44th Foot  
Connor Richard   46th Foot  
Connor William Shewbridge 61st Foot 7th Foot
Conolly James   18th Light Dragoons  
Conolly James   26th Foot  
Conolly John   11th Foot 6th Portuguese Line
Conor Charles   20th Foot  
Conring Friederich Wilhelm 7th KGL Line  
Conroy Patrick   4th Foot  
Considine James   43rd Foot  
Conyers Charles   1st Dragoons  
Conyers Charles Edward 82nd Foot  
Coode Thomas   Royal Waggon Train  
Cook Benjamin   1st Dragoons  
Cook Charles   45th Foot  
Cooke Adolphus   28th Foot  
Cooke George   General  
Cooke George (Thomas)   9th Foot  
Cooke Henry Frederick Coldstream Guards Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Cooke James   94th Foot  
Cooke John Henry 43rd Foot  
Cooke Richard Harvey 1st Foot Guards Brigade Major
Cooke William   Staff Surgeon  
Cooksey Walter C. 79th Foot 24th Portuguese Line
Cookson George   Royal Artillery  
Cookson George Parker 3rd Foot Guards  
Cookson Thomas R. Royal Artillery  
Cooley     Chaplain  
Coombe Charles   Coldstream Guards  
Cooper Bransby   Royal Artillery  
Cooper James Ramsay Deputy Commissary General  
Cooper Leonard Morse Volunteer 1st Foot
Cooper Samuel   Deputy Purveyor  
Cooper William Henry 3rd Dragoons  
Coote Arthur Gethin 50th Foot  
Coote John   71st Foot  
Coote Robert   82nd Foot  
Coote Robert Carr 18th Light Dragoons  
Coote Thomas Gethin 24th Foot  
Copeland Alexander   Deputy Purveyor  
Copeland Thomas   1st Foot Guards  
Copley Cravem   36th Foot  
Coppinger Thomas G. 97th Foot  
Copson Edward   5th Foot 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Corbet Samuel   81st Foot  
Corbin Frederick   Assistant Commissary General  
Cordeaux William   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Cordeman Ernst   1st KGL Hussars  
Corlien Wilhelm   7th KGL Line  
Cormick Edward   20th Light Dragoons  
Corrigan James   74th Foot  
Cosby Philip Stopford 45th Foot  
Cosgrove William   76th Foot  
Costerton Henry   48th Foot  
Costley Charles Conway 87th Foot  
Costley Theophilus Byers 45th Foot  
Cotes Robert   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Cother Charles   71st Foot  
Cotter James   66th Foot  
Cotter William   83rd Foot  
Cottin John   10th Light Dragoons  
Cottingham Edward   28th Foot 85th Foot
Cottingham Thomas   Volunteer 52nd Foot
Cottman Samuel   38th Foot  
Cotton Charles Horner 95th Foot  
Cotton Edward   88th Foot  
Cotton Stapleton   General  
Cotton Thomas D’Aveuant? 7th Foot  
Cotton Willoughby   3rd Foot Guards Deputy Assistant Adjutant General
Couch John Jenkins 2nd Foot  
Couche William A. 82nd Foot  
Coucher (Cowcher) John   39th Foot 3rd Foot
Coulson Alexander   50th Foot 48th Foot
Coulter William   66th Foot  
Coulthard Samuel   87th Foot  
Coultman Phileman   76th Foot  
Couper George   92nd Foot ADC
Courant Antoine   Roll’s Regiment  
Courtney George   47th Foot  
Courtney William Allan 39th Foot  
Covell John   76th Foot  
Cowan Edward Alphonso, Frederick Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Cowan Thomas   79th Foot  
Coward Henry James Royal Artillery Drivers  
Coward William B. Assistant Commissary Field Trains  
Cowcher John   39th Foot 3rd Foot
Cowell F. Luke, Gordon 85th Foot 23rd Foot
Cowell John   87th Foot 2nd Royal Veteran Battalion
Cowell John Stepney Coldstream Guards  
Cowell William   Royal Malta Regiment 42nd Foot
Cowell William George, Stepney 3rd Foot Guards  
Cowen H.   23rd Light Dragoons  
Cowley Charles   39th Foot  
Cowper Henry   7th KGL Line  
Cowper John   59th Foot  
Cowsell John   71st Foot  
Cox Allan   61st Foot  
Cox Charles   7th Foot 2nd Foot
Cox Charles   39th Foot  
Cox Charles Thomas 71st Foot  
Cox Edward   6th Foot  
Cox Herbert P. 37th Foot  
Cox John   77th Foot  
Cox John   95th Foot  
Cox John   2nd Life Guards  
Cox John George 11th Foot  
Cox Philip Zachariah 23rd Light Dragoons  
Cox Thomas   51st Foot  
Cox Thomas   Royal Artillery  
Cox William   95th Foot  
Cox William   102nd Foot 47th Foot
Cox William   61st Foot 24th Portuguese Line
Coxen     13th Royal Veteran Battalion  
Coxen Edward   95th Foot  
Coxens Stephen   23rd Light Dragoons  
Cozens William   Royal Artillery  
Crabbe Eyre John 74th Foot  
Crabtree George Longbottom 3rd Dragoons  
Cracroft John   Chaplain  
Craddock Thomas   27th Foot  
Craddock John Francis General  
Craig David S. 4th Foot  
Craig Henry   Sicilian Regiment 30th Foot
Craig W. R. 52nd Foot  
Craigie John   47th Foot  
Cramer John Lewis 3rd Foot  
Crampton Jeremiah   95th Foot  
Craster (Wood) Thomas   Coldstream Guards  
Crastor (Craster) Thomas (W.) Warton  (T.) 95th Foot 1st Ceylon Regiment
Craswell Anthony   Assistant Commissary Field Trains  
Crauford (Crawford) Thomas   3rd Foot Guards  
Craufurd Donald   Royal Artillery  
Craufurd Henry   9th Foot  
Craufurd James Catlin General  
Crauford (Crawford) John   7th Foot  
Craufurd Robert   General  
Crause John   58th Foot  
Crawford Adam Fife Royal Artillery  
Crawford Alexander C. 3rd Foot Guards 10th Light Dragoons
Crawford Edward   66th Foot  
Crawford George   Royal Artillery  
Crawford Robert   Volunteer 45th Foot
Crawford Thomas   11th Light Dragoons  
Crawfurd Charles   27th Foot  
Crawfurd George Douglas 91st Foot 23rd Portuguese Line
Crawfurd John   30th Foot  
Crawfurd (Crawford) John   Volunteer 79th Foot
Crawfurd John Archibald (Archdall) 11th Foot  
Crawley John   Royal Artillery  
Crawley John   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Crawley Lawrence   48th Foot Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Crawley Thomas   59th Foot  
Crawley William   32nd Foot 27th Foot
Creagh Andrew   29th Foot 95th Foot
Creagh Andrew   62nd Foot  
Creagh Francis M. 83rd Foot  
Creagh Jasper   95th Foot  
Crean Andrew   6th Foot  
Crean William   6th Foot 1st Garrison Battalion
Creighton John   43rd Foot  
Crespignys George Champion 68th Foot 89th Foot
Creswell Edmund   7th Foot  
Creswell George   74th Foot 88th Foot
Creswell William   36th Foot 8th Royal Veteran Battalion
Crewe Frederick   27th Foot  
Crewe Randolph   58th Foot  
Crichton Nathaniel Day 16th Light Dragoons  
Crisp Robert   37th Foot  
Croasdaile George   45th Foot  
Croasdaile John   5th Foot  
Crockatt (Crokat) William   20th Foot  
Croft Jonathan   Deputy Purveyor  
Crofton Henry   82nd Foot ADC
Crofton Ralph   81st Foot  
Crofton Richard   Hospital Assistant  
Crofton William   50th Foot  
Crofton William George Coldstream Guards  
Croker John   48th Foot  
Croker Richard   5th Foot  
Croker Richard Hare 18th Light Dragoons  
Croly Henry   81st Foot  
Cromie James   36th Foot  
Cromie Michael Thomas Royal Artillery  
Crompton George   66th Foot 40th Foot
Crompton Richard   9th Foot York Light Infantry Volunteers
Crooke Hugh   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Crookshank A. Chichester, W. 38th Foot 15th Portuguese Line
Croon Bernhard   5th KGL Line  
Cropp Ludewig   1st KGL Light  
Crosbie William   1st Dragoons  
Cross Henry   83rd Foot  
Cross James   94th Foot  
Cross John   52nd Foot  
Cross John   1st Foot  
Cross Richard   38th Foot  
Cross William   36th Foot  
Cross (Crosse) Robert Noble 36th Foot  
Crosse Joshua   36th Foot  
Crossgrove James   77th Foot  
Crossman George Brick 1st Foot Guards  
Crotty Francis   39th Foot  
Crouchley Thomas   85th Foot  
Croudace Christopher   95th Foot  
Crowder John   7th Foot  
Crowe Charles   48th Foot 101st Foot
Crowe George William 27th Foot  
Crowe John   32nd Foot  
Crowe Michael   84th Foot  
Crowe William   87th Foot  
Crowgey Beaufort   83rd Foot 20th Portuguese Line
Crozier George   44th Foot  
Cruice Alexander   47th Foot 12th Foot
Cruice John   44th Foot  
Cruice John H. 36th Foot  
Cruice Richard   44th Foot  
Cruice Richard Alexander 84th Foot  
Crummer James (Samuel) Henry 28th Foot  
Crump Cly   Staff Surgeon  
Cruttwell James   83rd Foot  
Cubitt Edward George 4th Dragoons  
Cubitt Henry Finley Royal Artillery  
Cuffe Henry   62nd Foot  
Cuffe William   38th Foot  
Cullen David   42nd Foot  
Cullimore John   58th Foot 15th Portuguese Line
Cully James   5th Foot  
Cumberland George   Assistant Paymaster General  
Cumberland Richard Francis, George 3rd Foot Guards ADC
Cumin William   43rd Foot 88th Foot
Cumming Henry John 11th Light Dragoons  
Cumming Samuel   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Cumming William   Deputy Assistant Commissary General Assistant Commissary General
Cummings Hugh   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Cummins Henry   Deputy Purveyor  
Cummins William G. 83rd Foot 9th Caçadores
Cundell William   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Cundy Nicholas   43rd Foot  
Cunningham Alexander   88th Foot  
Cuppage Alexander   39th Foot 103rd Foot
Cuppage Burke   Royal Artillery  
Cuppage Stephen   39th Foot  
Cupples Charles   Royal Artillery  
Curby Edward   29th Foot Staff Surgeon
Cureton Charles Robert 40th Foot  
Curran J.   Volunteer 1st Foot
Curren August Ferdinand David 7th KGL Line 3rd KGL Line
Currey John   6th Foot 30th Foot
Currie Edward   90th Foot ADC
Currie James Hunter 52nd Foot  
Currie John   60th Foot  
Curry Edward T. Assistant Commissary  
Curry Samuel   95th Foot  
Curtis Daniel Toler 13th Light Dragoons 18th Light Dragoons
Curtis Robert   18th Light Dragoons 10th Light Dragoons
Curtis Robert   82nd Foot  
Curtis William   1st Foot Guards  
Curtis (Curties) William   23rd Foot  
Curzon William   9th Foot 69th Foot
Cusack James   50th Foot  
Cusine John   96th Foot  
Cust Edward   16th Light Dragoons 57th Foot
Cust Peregrine Francis 3rd Dragoon Guards 60th Foot
Custance Hollnian   50th Foot  
Cutcliffe John Mervin 23rd Light Dragoons Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Cuthbert Kingston   82nd Foot  
Cuthbert Robert   7th Foot ADC
Cuthbertson John   48th Foot  
Cuyler Charles   95th Foot ADC
Cuyler George   11th Foot  
Cuyler Henry   85th Foot 46th Foot

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