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Lionel S. Challis's "Peninsula Roll Call": Faddy, Peter to Fyler, John

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Last Name First Name Middle Name (s)
Regiment or Position
Faddy Peter   Royal Artillery  
Fagell William   Staff  
Fahevenkohl Christoph   2nd KGL Hussars  
Fahle Wilhelm   1st KGL Light  
Faincombe John   76th  Foot  
Fair David   81st Foot  
Fairfax Henry   95th Foot 85th Foot
Fairfield Edward   27th Foot  
Fairfield Edward Bridges 3rd Foot Guards  
Fairfield John   88th Foot  
Fairfield R. W. 59th Foot  
Fairfield Simon   88th Foot  
Fairtlough Edward   5th Foot  
Fairweather Thomas   21st Foot  
Falck Neils   1st Foot  
Falkiner Richard   4th Dragoon Guards  
Falkiner Samuel   61st Foot  
Fallon Philip Anthony 58th Foot Royal Corsican Rangers
Falls Thomas   20th Foot ADC
Fancourt Charles Bullen 34th Foot Brigade Major
Fane Charles   59th Foot  
Fane George A., S. 59th Foot  
Fane Henry   General  
Fane Mildmay   59th Foot  
Fane Thomas   69th Foot 87th Foot
Fane William   84th Foot  
Fanning Arthur Ormsby 48th Foot  
Fanshawe Edward   Royal Engineers  
Faris George F. 88th Foot  
Farmar Richard   58th Foot  
Farmar Robert Herring 77th Foot  
Farmer Frederick William 2nd KGL Light  
Farmer George R. 23rd Foot  
Farmer John Charles 44th Foot 4th Dragoons
Farmer Thomas   23rd Foot  
Farmer William John, George 95th Foot  
Farquharson Donald   42nd Foot  
Farquharson John   42nd Foot  
Farquharson John   42nd Foot  
Farquharson John   47th Foot  
Farquharson William   3rd Foot  
Farr George   66th Foot  
Farr Henry Wallis 11th Foot 28th Foot
Farrell Charles   Staff Surgeon  
Farrer James   81st Foot  
Farrer Joseph   42nd Foot  
Farrington Charles Henry 4th Foot  
Farwell Nathaniel   36th Foot  
Fasken William   Royal Waggon Train  
Faulkner Arthur Brooke Physician  
Faunce Alured Dodsworth 4th Foot  
Faunce Edmund   4th Foot  
Faunt Henry   34th Foot  
Faunt Thomas   34th Foot  
Favell Samuel   61st Foot  
Favell William Anthony 61st Foot  
Fawcett David K. 14th Foot  
Fawcett Henry   Volunteer 88th Foot
Fawcett James   13th Royal Veteran Battalion  
Fawcett John   24th Foot  
Fawcett John James 62nd Foot  
Fawcett R. Twisleton 3rd Dragoons  
Fawcett Ralph   57th Foot  
Fawkes Edward   11th Light Dragoons  
Fawson John   46th Foot 59th Foot
Fawson Jonas   4th Foot  
Fead Alexander   3rd Foot Guards  
Fead George   1st Foot Guards  
Fearon Peter   31st Foot 7th Caçadores
Featherstone Francis   47th Foot  
Fedden Christian   6th KGL Line  
Fehlandt Daniel   1st KGL Light 2nd KGL Light
Fehrszen Oliver George 53rd Foot  
Felix Orlando   27th Foot 95th Foot
Fellowes James   Physician  
Fellows Benjamin   1st KGL Line  
Fendall William   4th Dragoons  
Fennell James Gubbins 87th Foot  
Fennell (Ffennall) James   34th Foot  
Fensham David   95th Foot  
Fensham G.   23rd Foot  
Fentiman Thomas   Staff Cavalry Corps  
Fenton Henry   Assistant Paymaster General  
Fenton John James 44th Foot  
Fenton Temple   37th Foot  
Fenton Thomas Charles 4th Dragoons 2nd Dragoons
Fenton William   81st Foot  
Fenwick Joseph   3rd Foot 7th Portuguese Line
Fenwick Robert Ord Royal Horse Guards 3rd Portuguese Cavalry
Fenwick Thomas Lisle 81st Foot 91st Foot
Fenwick William   34th Foot  
Ferguson Adam   58th Foot  
Ferguson Dugald   52nd Foot 95th Foot
Ferguson George   43rd Foot  
Ferguson James   10th Foot  
Ferguson Ronald Crawford General  
Fergusson Charles James  43rd Foot 3rd Foot
Fergusson James   43rd Foot 79th Foot
Fergusson William   Deputy Inspector of Hospitals Portuguese Staff
Fermor Thomas William General  
Fernandaz John Leonard Volunteer 53rd Foot
Fernandez John   74th Foot 53rd Foot
Fernie Andrew   7th Foot  
Ferns William   66th Foot  
Ferrara Alfeo   Royal Corsican Rangers  
Ferrars Thomas   9th Foot  
Ferrier Thomas Ildeston 28th Foot  
Ferrier (Hamilton) John   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Ferris James   83rd Foot  
Ferris Samuel Bates 52nd Foot Coldstream Guards
Festing Henry   Royal Artillery  
Ffennell Edward   20th Foot  
Fiddes Thomas   9th Foot  
Fiddlor David   43rd Foot  
Field Gilbert O’Malee 82nd Foot  
Field Jeremiah   2nd Life Guards  
Fielde Edmund   4th Foot  
Fielde William Henry 1st Foot Guards  
Fielde (Feilde) Frederick   4th Foot  
Fielding Francis Bernard 3rd Foot  
Fielding George   23rd Foot  
Fielding James Campbell 3rd Foot  
Filder William   Deputy Assistant Commissary General Assistant Commissary General
Finch John   15th Light Dragoons 37th Foot
Findlay Thomas   Deputy Purveyor  
Finlay John   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Finlayson Thomas   2nd KGL Line Foreign Veteran Battalion
Finucane Andrew   10th Light Dragoons  
Finucane Frederick   68th Foot  
Fiorillo Friederich   1st KGL Hussars 1st KGL Dragoons
Firman Brook   82nd foot  
Firman Walter   95th foot  
Fischer August   1st KGL Dragoons  
Fischer Carl   2nd KGL Line  
Fischer Frederick   De Watteville’s Regiment  
Fischer Johann Christian Dietrich 2nd KGL Dragoons 1st KGL Dragoons
Fischer Victor   De Watteville’s Regiment  
Fisher Charles   60th Foot 85th Foot
Fisher George   61st Foot  
Fisher George Bulteel Royal Artillery  
Fisher Henry   7th Foot  
Fisher John   6th Foot  
Fisher Samuel S. 77th Foot 88th Foot
Fisher William   40th Foot 24th Portuguese Line
Fisher William   52nd Foot  
Fitz Maurice John George Volunteer 95th  Foot
Fitzclarence George   10th Light Dragoons ADC
Fitzclarence Henry   7th Foot 15th Light Dragoons
Fitzgerald Charles John 82nd Foot 15th Portuguese Line
Fitzgerald Edward   58th Foot  
Fitzgerald Edward   6th Foot Brigade Major
Fitzgerald Edward Fox 10th Light Dragoons  
Fitzgerald Frederick   20th Foot  
Fitzgerald George   53rd Foot  
Fitzgerald Gerald   27th Foot  
Fitzgerald Gerald   38th Foot  
Fitzgerald Henry   47th Foot 60th Foot
Fitzgerald James   77th Foot  
Fitzgerald James   32nd Foot  
Fitzgerald James   87th Foot  
Fitzgerald John   39th Foot  
Fitzgerald John Forster 60th foot  
Fitzgerald Richard   2nd Life Guards  
Fitzgerald Robert Uniacke 32nd foot  
Fitzgerald Thomas   43rd Foot 5th West India Regiment
Fitzgerald William   58th Foot  
Fitzgerald William E.? 82nd Foot  
Fitzgerald William Villiers 5th Foot  
Fitzgibbon Gerald   Volunteer 23rd Foot
Fitzgibbon Richard Hobart 1st Foot Guards ADC
Fitzgibbon W.   Volunteer 83rd Foot
Fitzherbert George   14th Foot  
Fitzpatrick John   88th Foot  
Fitzpatrick Mathew   Volunteer 88th Foot
Fitzpatrick Nicholas   Royal Artillery  
Fitzpatrick Percy   51st Foot  
Fitzpatrick Thomas   28th Foot  
Fitzroy Charles   1st Foot Guards Deputy Assistant Adjutant General
Fitzroy Charles Augustus Royal Horse Guards  
Flack William   88th Foot  
Flamauk John   51st Foot  
Flanagan John Bickerton 4th Garrison Battalion 82nd Foot
Flanegan James   14th Light Dragoons  
Flanner John   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Fleetwood James   74th Foot  
Fleisch Ernst August Jonas 2nd KGL Line  
Fleming Edward   31st Foot 2nd West India Regiment
Fleming Hugh   24th Foot 3rd Provisional Battalion
Fleming Pierre Edward 48th Foot 57th Foot
Fleming Valentine   9th Foot  
Fletcher Daniel A. 71st Foot  
Fletcher Henry   97th Foot  
Fletcher John Wynne 4th Foot  
Fletcher Joseph   34th Foot  
Fletcher Richard   Royal Engineers  
Fletcher Thomas   6th Foot 4th Ceylon Regiment
Fletcher Thomas Lloyd 23rd Foot  
Flood Edward   Volunteer 79th Foot
Flood Francis   83rd Foot  
Flood James   88th Foot  
Flood Ross   74th Foot  
Floyd Henry   19th Light Dragoons York Chasseurs
Flude Jonathan   30th Foot  
Foaker Frederick   10th Foot  
Foerster Ernst Heinrich Brunswick Light Infantry  
Fogo Thomas Macmillan Royal Artillery  
Foley J. D. Volunteer 24th Foot
Foley Michael Henry 58th Foot  
Foley Patrick B. 4th West India Regiment 9th Foot
Foley (Fowley) John   28th Foot 7th Portuguese Line
Foljambe George   20th Light Dragoons ADC
Folliett George   43rd Foot  
Fonnereau John Zachary 20th Foot  
Foot Joseph   5th Foot  
Foote John Hollis, Rolle 5th Foot 49th Foot
Forbes Alexander   71st Foot  
Forbes Alexander   79th Foot  
Forbes Charles   4th Dragoons 29th Foot
Forbes Charles Fergusson Staff Surgeon  
Forbes Charles John Assistant Commissary General  
Forbes Daniel   95th Foot  
Forbes Duncan   36th Foot  
Forbes Hastings   3rd Foot Guards  
Forbes Henry   68th Foot  
Forbes Hugh   45th Foot  
Forbes James   15th Light Dragoons 95th Foot
Forbes James   Coldstream Guards  
Forbes John   45th Foot  
Forbes John   Deputy Assistant Commissary General Assistant Commissary General
Forbes Thomas   Staff Surgeon Deputy Inspector of Hospitals
Forbes Thomas   45th Foot  
Forcade Henry   40th Foot 83rd Foot
Ford Frederick   40th Foot  
Ford George   29th Foot  
Ford John   79th Foot  
Ford John   82nd Foot  
Ford John Buller 9th Foot  
Ford Lionel   5th Foot  
Forde George   Royal Artillery  
Fordyce Alexander   81st Foot  
Forneret Cuthbert Augustus 60th Foot  
Forrest Charles Ramus 3rd Foot 34th Foot
Forrest George   59th Foot  
Forrester Francis   15th Light Dragoons  
Forsey John   Staff Cavalry Corps  
Forster Augustus   14th Light Dragoons  
Forster Henry   Royal Artillery  
Forster John Hill 14th Light Dragoons  
Forster Jonathan Gustavus 9th Foot  
Forster Matthew   38th Foot  
Forster Matthew   85th Foot  
Forster Thomas   9th Foot 1st Foot
Forster William   Royal Engineers  
Fortescue Matthew   Coldstream Guards  
Fortescue William Faithful 27th Foot  
Forth Jephson George 20th Foot  
Fortune William   61st Foot  
Foster Charles   1st Dragoons  
Foster Henry   23rd Foot  
Foster Maximillian   Brunswick Hussars  
Foster W. H. 18th Light Dragoons  
Fothergill John   59th Foot  
Fothergill Joshua   39th Foot 98th Foot
Fotheringham Thomas   3rd Foot Guards  
Fotheringham William   26th Foot  
Foulkes John   40th Foot  
Fowden William   3rd Foot  
Fowke Francis   14th Light Dragoons  
Fowke John   68th Foot  
Fowle John   58th Foot  
Fowler Robert J. 7th Foot  
Fowler (Butler) Richard   95th  Foot  
Fox Arthur   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Fox Barry   1st Foot  
Fox Benjamin   1st Life Guards  
Fox Charles James 66th Foot 16th Portuguese Line
Fox Humphrey   71st Foot  
Fox J.   40th Foot  
Fox John   36th Foot  
Fox Samuel   30th Foot  
Fox Walter Alfred 48th Foot  
Framingham Hoylet   Royal Artillery  
France Harold   Deputy Assistant Commissary General Assistant Commissary General
Franchini Ignace   60th Foot  
Francis George   57th Foot  
Franck James   Inspector of Hospitals  
Frankenberg William   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Frankland Frederick William 2nd Foot 2nd Provisional Battalion
Frankland James H. 23rd Light Dragoons  
Franklin Robert Deane 39th Foot  
Franklin Samuel   27th Foot  
Franklyn Thomas Decimus 40th Foot 22nd Portuguese Line
Franklyn (Franklin) Henry   27th Foot  
Fraser Alexander   76th Foot  
Fraser Alexander   42nd Foot  
Fraser Alexander   9th Foot  
Fraser Alexander   27th Foot Brigade Major
Fraser Alexander John 52nd Foot  
Fraser Alexander Mackenzie General  
Fraser Andrew Simon  (L.) 42nd Foot  
Fraser Angus   92nd Foot 7th Portuguese Line
Fraser Archibald   79th Foot  
Fraser Archibald   68th Foot  
Fraser Archibald Campbell 76th Foot  
Fraser Charles Mackenzie 52nd Foot 72nd Foot
Fraser David   82nd Foot  
Fraser David   43rd Foot  
Fraser Donald   1st Foot  
Fraser Donald   74th Foot  
Fraser Erskine A. 82nd Foot 9th Foot
Fraser George   9th foot  
Fraser Hugh Andrew 42nd Foot  
Fraser James   79th Foot  
Fraser James Baillie 7th Foot  
Fraser James John 7th Light Dragoons  
Fraser John   4th Foot  
Fraser John   76th Foot  
Fraser John   71st Foot  
Fraser John   53rd Foot  
Fraser John   42nd Foot  
Fraser John   24th Foot 1st Ceylon Regiment
Fraser John   86th Foot  
Fraser Malcolm   79th Foot  
Fraser Peter   1st Foot  
Fraser Robert   83rd Foot  
Fraser Thomas   1st Foot  
Fraser Thomas   83rd Foot  
Fraser William   36th Foot  
Fraser William   92nd Foot  
Fraser William Wemys 82nd Foot Staff Surgeon
Fraser Wynne   77th Foot  
Fraser (Frazer) Augustus Simon Royal Artillery  
Frazer John D. Royal Artillery  
Frazer John W. Royal Artillery  
Frederick Edward H. 51st Foot  
Frederick Roger   43rd Foot  
Freear? William (A.) Arthur (W.) 30th foot  
Freebairn William   50th Foot  
Freemantle John   Coldstream Guards ADC
Freer Edward   43rd Foot  
Freer George   38th Foot  
Freer John   4th Dragoon Guards  
Freer Richard Bruin 95th Foot  
Freer William Gardner 43rd Foot  
Freeth James   Royal Staff Corps  
Freeze George F. 59th Foot  
French     Chaplain  
French Anthony   74th Foot  
French Cudbert   23rd Foot  
French Edward Francis 82nd Foot  
French George William 82nd Foot  
French Henry John 90th Foot 85th Foot
French James   4th Foot  
French James Bogle 9th Light Dragoons  
French Lucius   67th Foot  
French Thomas   3rd Dragoons  
French William Fry 48th Foot  
Freudenthal August   4th KGL Line  
Freudenthal Siegismund   1st KGL Hussars  
Fricke Wilhelm   1st KGL Dragoons   
Friderici Johann Heinrich Christoph 1st KGL Dragoons  
Friederichs August   2nd KGL Hussars 2nd KGL Dragoons
Friesland Otto   2nd KGL Dragoons  
Friess William   60th Foot  
Frith Edward Cockayne Chaplain  
Frizell Robert Nicolls 76th Foot  
Frost Charles   12th Light Dragoons  
Frost Thomas   4th Dragoon Guards  
Frotte Carl Heinrich Brunswick Light Infantry  
Fry George   83rd Foot  
Fry John   95th Foot  
Fry John   39th Foot Royal York Rangers
Fry William   24th Foot  
Fryer Charles   23rd Foot  
Fryer William H. 4th Dragoons  
Fugion Edward   58th Foot  
Fuller Francis   59th Foot  
Fuller Frederick Harvey 53rd Foot  
Fuller Joseph   General  
Fuller Thomas Trayton 52nd Foot  
Fullerton Archibald   38th Foot  
Fullerton James   51st Foot 95th Foot
Fulton Richard   12th Light Dragoons  
Fulton Robert   79th Foot  
Fumette Joannes Jusinus 2nd KGL Dragoons  
Furnace Edward   29th Foot  
Furnace Norbury   61st Foot  
Furnace William Henry 61st Foot  
Furnas Thomas   27th Foot  
Furneaux William   Royal Artillery  
Furnival John James Royal Artillery  
Furst Matthew   60th Foot  
Fyans Foster   67th Foot  
Fyers Edward   Royal Engineers  
Fyers Thomas   Royal Engineers  
Fyffe David   14th Foot  
Fyffe William   92nd Foot  
Fyler John   77th Foot  

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