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Lionel S. Challis's "Peninsula Roll Call": Gabb, George to Gwynne, John

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Last Name First Name Middle Name (s)
Regiment or Position
Gabb George   4th Foot  
Gabriel Robert Burd 2nd Dragoon Guards ADC
Gaff John   76th Foot  
Gaggin Pierce   6th Foot  
Gain Joseph   9th Light Dragoons  
Gairdner James Penman 95th Foot  
Gairdner Patrick   2nd KGL Line  
Galbraith John   27th Foot  
Galbraith Morgan   5th Foot  
Galbraith William   51st Foot  
Gale Arthur   28th Foot  
Gale Henry   87th Foot  
Galiffe John   60th Foot  
Gallie John   10th Foot  
Gallie John N. 38th Foot  
Galliers William   1st Foot  
Galway Anthony   40th Foot  
Gamble Andrew William 31st Foot  
Gamble Robert   Volunteer 68th Foot
Gammell James   59th Foot  
Gammell William   85th Foot 95th Foot
Gapper Edmund   83rd Foot  
Gardiner Daniel   43rd Foot Brigade Major
Gardiner David   Royal Perth Militia 88th Foot
Gardiner Edmund   13th Light Dragoons 16th Light Dragoons
Gardiner Edward   38th Foot 5th Portuguese Line
Gardiner James   Volunteer 88th Foot
Gardiner James Ballard 50th Foot  
Gardiner John   95th Foot  
Gardiner John   6th Foot  
Gardiner John   3rd Foot  
Gardiner Robert William Royal Artillery  
Gardner Andrew   27th Foot  
Garland John   30th Foot  
Garland William   91st Foot Royal Corsican Rangers
Garner John Hutchinson 40th Foot  
Garner William   61st Foot  
Garnett James Seddon 82nd Foot  
Garnow William   14th Foot  
Garnsey John   40th Foot  
Garrett John   13th Royal Veteran Battalion  
Garrett Robert   2nd Foot 7th Foot
Garstin John   13th Light Dragoons  
Garvey John   30th Foot  
Gascoigne Ernest Fredrick 39th Foot 83rd Foot
Gascoigne Thomas Bamber 83rd Foot  
Gasquett Louis   1st Royal Dragoons  
Gatty Joseph   Dillon’s Regiment  
Gauntlett Samuel   29th Foot  
Gauntlett William   Assistant Commissary General Deputy Commissary General
Gavin William   71st Foot  
Gawler George   52nd Foot  
Gaynor Brian   63rd Foot 7th Caçadores
Gaynor Edward   61st Foot  
Geale Frederick   13th Light Dragoons  
Geale John   13th Light Dragoons  
Geary Henry   Royal Artillery  
Geddes James   42nd Foot  
Geddes John   27th Foot  
Geddes William   83rd Foot Town Major
Gee Henry   6th Foot  
Gee Joseph   7th Foot Royal Horse Guards
Geering Charles   81st Foot  
Gehse Heinrich   2nd KGL Light  
Geils Thomas   3rd Foot Guards  
Gell Thomas   29th Foot  
Gelpke Adrian   Brunswick Light Infantry  
George John   44th Foot 7th Foot
George John V. 77th Foot  
George Thomas   57th Foot  
Gerard Arthur   4th Foot  
Gerard George   42nd Foot  
Gerber Detlef   5th KGL Line 2nd KGL Light
Gerber Friederich   5th KGL Line  
Gerber Johann Georg Arnhold 8th KGL Line 5th KGL Line
Gerson Hermann   5th KGL Line  
Gethin Richard   31st Foot  
Gethin Richard (Robert)   11th Foot  
Geyer Julius   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Gibb Robert   Royal Sappers and Miners  
Gibb William Richardson Hospital Assistant Assistant Surgeon
Gibbings Thomas   81st Foot  
Gibbons Frederick   7th Foot 56th Foot
Gibbons George   34th Foot  
Gibbons George   95th Foot  
Gibbons Stephen   29th Foot  
Gibbons Thomas   36th Foot  
Gibbs Edward   52nd Foot  
Gibbs John   51st Foot  
Gibbs William   18th Light Dragoons  
Gibson Alexander   1st Foot  
Gibson Edger   1st KGL Light  
Gibson Edward   48th Foot  
Gibson John B. 52nd Foot  
Gibson Joseph   Volunteer 51st Foot
Gibson Robert   1st Foot Guards  
Gibson Robert   Hospital Assistant  
Gibson Thomas   Assistant Commissary Field Trains
Gibson William   32nd Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Gibson William   68th Foot  
Gibson William Joseph 31st Foot  
Gifford George St. John 43rd Foot  
Gifford Theophilus   52nd Foot  
Gifford William   General  
Gilbert Francis Yarde Royal Engineers  
Gilbert George   60th Foot  
Gilbert Richard   36th Foot  
Gilbert Roger P. 28th Foot 1st Battalion of Detachments
Gilbert William   48th Foot  
Gilbert William   66th Foot  
Gilborne Edward   71st Foot  
Gilchrist Robert   11th Foot 11th Light Dragoons
Gilchrist (Gilkrest) James   43rd Foot  
Gilder Matthew William 6th Foot  
Gilder William Troward 3rd Foot Guards  
Giles John   53rd Foot  
Giles John   11th Foot  
Giles Richard   3rd Foot  
Gill William   48th Foot  
Gillam William   7th Foot Ceylon Regiment
Gillespie Joseph   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Gillespie William   29th Foot  
Gillies John   30th Foot  
Gillman Edward   81st Foot  
Gillman Henry   3rd Foot  
Gillmore Joshua Albert 3rd West India Regiment 4th Portuguese Artillery
Gilmour Charles   Royal Artillery  
Gilmour Dugald  Little 95th Foot  
Gilsillan ?   1st Foot  
Gipps George   Royal Engineers  
Girardot Charles Andrew Coldstream Guards  
Girdlestone Charles   2nd Foot 2nd Provisional Battalion
Girdlestone James   31st Foot  
Girling T. S. (T.A.) 5th Foot  
Girsewald Gustav (Henry)   Brunswick Hussars  
Gitterick John   12th Light Dragoons Staff Corps Cavalry
Given James   61st Foot  
Glasco John   83rd Foot  
Glasscott William   16th Light Dragoons  
Glasse Francis   95th Foot  
Glasson John C. 2nd Foot  
Gledstanes Albert   23rd Foot  
Gledstanes Nathaniel   68th Foot Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Gleig George Robert 85th Foot  
Glew Joseph Barry 53rd Foot 85th Foot
Glinn (or Glynn or Glen) Alexander   1st Foot  
Gloster Thomas   61st Foot  
Glover George Henry 1st Foot  
Glover John Octavius 1st Foot  
Glover Robert   38th Foot  
Glubb Frederick   Royal Artillery  
Glutz Amantz   De Roll's Regiment  
Glynn James   40th Foot  
Glynn John   Assistant Commissary General Deputy Commissary General
Glynne Andrew Eugene 40th Foot  
Goate George   3rd Dragoons  
Godby Charles Henry Royal Artillery  
Godby Robert   Royal Artillery  
Goddard Ambrose   10th Light Dragoons  
Goddard George Anthony 50th Foot  
Goddard William   40th Foot  
Godfree John   50th Foot  
Godfrey Edward Lee 20th Foot  
Godfrey Luke   61st Foot  
Godwin Henry   9th Foot 5th West India Regiment
Goldfinch Henry   Royal Engineers  
Goldfrap Frederick   3rd Foot  
Goldfrap James   20th Foot  
Goldie Alexander John 6th Dragoon Guards  
Goldie George Leigh 66th Foot  
Golding Thomas John 71st Foot Royal Waggon Train
Goldsmid Albert   12th Light Dragoons  
Goldsmid James   58th Foot  
Golland     5th Foot 45th Foot
Gomersall John   58th Foot 16th Portuguese Line
Gomm Henry   6th Foot  
Gomm James   Royal Artillery  
Gomm Robert Sponier Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Gomm William   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Gomm William  Maynard 9th Foot Staff
Good  Samuel   3rd Foot Guards  
Goodhall (or Goodall) William   2nd Foot  
Goodiff James Maynard 31st Foot  
Goodman Stephen Arthur 48th Foot Deputy Judge Advocate
Goodriche Robert   6th Foot  
Goodsir Henry D. (?) 82nd Foot  
Goodsman David   61st Foot  
Goodwin Erasmus   4th Dragoon Guards  
Goodwin Francis G. 7th Light Dragoons  
Gorman Constantine   40th Foot  
Gordon     Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Gordon Alexander   3rd Foot Guards ADC
Gordon Alexander   92nd Foot  
Gordon Alexander   83rd Foot  
Gordon Alexander   15th Light Dragoons 60th Foot
Gordon Alexander   81st Foot  
Gordon Arthur   3rd Foot  
Gordon Arthur Helsham 5th Dragoon Guards ADC
Gordon Charles   3rd Foot Guards ADC
Gordon Charles Edward Royal Artillery  
Gordon Charles John 10th Light Dragoons  
Gordon David   20th Foot  
Gordon George   42nd Foot  
Gordon George   92nd Foot  
Gordon George Hamilton 71st Foot  
Gordon James    92nd Foot  
Gordon James Willoughby General  
Gordon John   1st Foot  
Gordon John (junior) 2nd Foot  
Gordon John (senior) 2nd Foot 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Gordon John Robert 7th Light Dragoons  
Gordon John Rolfe 1st Dragoon Guards 4th Dragoons
Gordon Orford   78th Foot ADC
Gordon Philip   27th Foot  
Gordon Robert   42nd Foot  
Gordon Robert W. 6th Foot  
Gordon Stephen   28th Foot  
Gordon Stephen   5th Dragoon Guards  
Gordon Thomas   28th Foot  
Gordon Theodore   91st Foot 89th Foot
Gordon Thomas   92nd Foot  
Gordon Thomas   Bourbon Regiment  
Gordon Thomas Duncan 13th Royal Veteran Battalion  
Gordon Thomas William 3rd Foot Guards  
Gordon William   1st Foot 3rd Caçadores
Gordon William   Assistant Paymaster General  
Gordon  William   6th Foot  
Gordon William   42nd Foot  
Gordon  William   78th Foot 2nd Foot
Gordon  William Alexander 50th Foot  
Gore Charles   43rd Foot Staff
Gore George   9th Light Dragoons ADC
Gore Saunders   100th Foot 94th Foot
Gore Thomas   Coldstream Guards  
Goslett Joseph   82nd Foot  
Gossett John N. 95th Foot 3rd Provisional Battalion
Gotz Heinrich   2nd KGL Hussars  
Gough George  Calcot 53rd Foot 1st Life Guards
Gough Hugh   27th Foot  
Gough Hugh   87th Foot  
Gough Richard   1st Life Guards  
Gough William   68th Foot  
Goulburn Frederick   23rd Light Dragoons 13th Light Dragoons
Gould Hubert   77th Foot  
Gould John   76th Foot  
Gould Thomas   11th Light Dragoons  
Goulden George   82nd Foot  
Gouldthorp Richard   11th Light Dragoons  
Gourlay Alexander   23rd Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Gourlay John   14th Light Dragoons  
Goussencourt Joseph Ignace Chasseurs Britannique  
Gowan John   30th Foot  
Grace George   39th Foot  
Gracie William   Hospital Assistant  69th Foot
Grady Richard   87th Foot  
Grady Walter   Volunteer 87th Foot
Graeffe Carl   4th KGL Line  
Graeme George Drummond 2nd KGL Light  
Graeme Patrick   44th Foot 89th Foot
Graham Alexander   42nd Foot  
Graham Charles M. 71st Foot  
Graham Eward   31st Foot  
Graham Hector   90th Foot 77th Foot
Graham Henry Charles Edward Vernon 26th Foot 66th Foot
Graham James   27th Foot  
Graham John   71st Foot  
Graham John   Hospital Assistant Apothecary
Graham John   88th Foot 21st Portuguese Line
Graham Patrick   26th Foot  
Graham Robert C. Royal Artillery  
Graham Robert John 28th Foot 24th Foot
Graham Thomas   General  
Graham W. (William)? T. 23rd Foot  
Graham William   74th Foot  
Graham William   Apothecary  
Graham William   4th Foot  
Graham  William   71st Foot 1st Portuguese Line
Graham (or Grahame) Duncan   6th Foot 6th Portuguese Line
Grahn Friederich   2nd KGL Hussars  
Granet Augustus   Deputy Commissary General  
Grant Alexander   74th Foot  
Grant Alexander   71st Foot  
Grant  Alpin   92nd Foot  
Grant  Charles   26th Foot  
Grant Charles   2nd Foot  
Grant Charles   78th Foot  
Grant Colquhoun   11th Foot Assistant Quartermaster General
Grant Colquhoun   74th Foot  
Grant Colquhoun   General  
Grant Donald   42nd Foot  
Grant Donald   74th Foot  
Grant Francis   24th Foot  
Grant Hugh   79th Foot  
Grant James   17th Light Dragoons 18th Light Dragoons
Grant James   85th Foot  
Grant James   97th Foot  
Grant James   2nd KGL Light  
Grant James (Junior) Royal Radnor Militia Royal Waggon Train
Grant  John   1st Foot Guards  
Grant  John   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Grant  John (Alexander)   37th Foot 71st Foot
Grant  John   92nd Foot  
Grant  John   39th Foot  
Grant John   42nd Foot  
Grant John   89th Foot  
Grant  John   92nd Foot  
Grant John   Royal Artillery  
Grant Lewis   71st Foot  
Grant Maxwell   42nd Foot 6th Portuguese Line
Grant Patrick   78th Foot  
Grant Peter   92nd Foot  
Grant Robert   28th Foot Staff Surgeon
Grant Turner   1st Foot Guards  
Grant William   General  
Grant William Alexander 49th Foot  
Grant William Charles 92nd Foot  
Grantham Thomas   Royal Artillery Town Major
Grantham Valentine   95th Foot 25th Foot
Grassett Henry   48th Foot Staff Surgeon
Grattan Charles   Royal Sappers and Miners  
Grattan John (or Rt. Hon. James) 20th Light Dragoons 9th Light Dragoons
Grattan William   88th Foot  
Graves James William 5th Foot  
Graves (or Greaves) Anthony   32nd Foot  
Gray Arthur   24th Foot 3rd Provisional Battalion
Gray Charles    95th Foot  
Gray George   9th Foot  
Gray John  H. (?) 40th Foot  
Gray John Walker 3rd Dragoon Guards  
Gray Loftus   95th Foot  
Gray Robert   48th Foot  
Gray  Samuel C. 71st Foot  
Gray  William   2nd Foot 2nd Provisional Battalion
Graydon John   88th Foot  
Greatley Thomas William Royal Artillery  
Greaves Edward   11th Light Dragoons  
Greaves George Frederick 89th Foot 5th Foot
Green Charles Dixon 60th Foot 5th Royal Veteran Battalion
Green Edwin Roland Joseph 10th Foot  
Green Henry   Royal Waggon Train  
Green John   28th Foot  
Green John   34th Foot  
Green John   90th Foot 85th Foot
Green John   83rd Foot 12th Portuguese Line
Green Joshua W. 4th Foot 9th Portuguese Line
Green  Samuel   38th Foot  
Green  William   7th Foot  
Green  William   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Green  William Henry 47th Foot  
Green  (or Grene) Godfrey   87th Foot 34th Foot
Greene Robert   1st Foot  
Greene William   Royal Artillery  
Greene William   61st Foot  
Greenhalgh Richard   71st Foot  
Greenham William R. 50th Foot  
Greenock  (Lord, see Charles Murray Cathcart)    
Greenshield Hamilton F. 44th Foot  
Greenshield James   40th Foot  
Greenwell Leonard   45th Foot  
Greenwell William K. 68th Foot  
Gregg Andrew   88th Foot  
Gregg William Osburne 84th Foot  
Gregor Gordon William Francis 23rd Foot  
Gregorson Donald   91st Foot  
Gregorson Dugald   42nd Foot  
Gregorson Eneas   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Gregorson James   66th Foot  
Gregory A. Edward 95th Foot 34th Foot
Gregory Adam   29th Foot 16th Portuguese Line
Gregory Arthur Francis 4th Dragoons  
Gregory David   45th Foot 1st Garrison Battalion
Gregory Edward   44th Foot  
Gregory Edward Tighe 38th Foot  
Gregory (or Gregorie) Charles   72nd Foot 6th Dragoon Guards
Greig Andrew   3rd Foot  
Grenfell William   7th Light Dragoons  
Greville Charles James 38th Foot  
Greville George Henry Macartney Coldstream Guards 7th Foot
Grey Charles   14th Foot 52nd Foot
Grey George   30th Foot  
Grey John   5th Foot  
Grey Thomas   Staff Surgeon Physician
Grey William   3rd Foot 58th Foot
Grier Charles   Hospital Assistant  
Grier Robert   44th Foot  
Grier Stephen   47th Foot 102nd Foot
Grierber Daniel   39th Foot  
Grierson Crighton   Royal Engineers  
Grieve Peter (or Patrick)   10th Foot  
Grieve William   Assistant Commissary General Deputy Commissary General
Grieves Thomas  Peter 83rd Foot  
Griffin John   84th Foot  
Griffin Thomas   81st Foot  
Griffith Edwin   15th Light Dragoons  
Griffith John   12th Light Dragoons  
Griffith John   23rd Foot  
Griffith Matthew Chitty Darby 1st Foot Guards  
Griffith Moses   94th Foot  
Griffith Owen   77th Foot  
Griffiths     23rd Foot  
Griffiths David   2nd Foot 2nd Provisional Battalion
Griffiths Edwin   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Griffiths John Charles 94th Foot Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Griffiths John George Royal Artillery Drivers  
Griffiths T. E. A. 23rd Foot  
Griffiths Thomas   36th Foot 28th Foot
Griffiths Thomas William John 3rd Dragoons  
Griffiths William   Assistant Commissary General  
Griffiths  William A. 23rd Foot  
Grimes George H. Royal Artillery Drivers  
Grimes Robert   Royal Artillery  
Grimsell Samuel Dicken 85th Foot 50th Foot
Grimshaw William   78th Foot  
Grimstead Valentine   3rd Foot Guards  
Grimstead William   Coldstream Guards  
Gronow Rees Hawell 1st Foot Guards  
Gropp Heinrich   2nd KGL Dragoons  
Grose Edward   1st Foot Guards  
Grosser John   88th Foot  
Grosskopf Carl   3rd KGL Hussars  
Grosskopf Johann Friederich 1st KGL Dragoons  
Grove Henry Jones 80th Foot 4th Portuguese Line
Grove William Chafin 20th Foot  
Grubbe Thomas Hunt 43rd Foot  
Grubbe William Hunt Royal Horse Guards  
Grundy William   32nd Foot  
Grupe Carl   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Gruttemann Augustus   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Gruttemann Carl   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Gualey Francis   11th Foot  
Guanter James (Capt Green?) Chasseurs Britannique Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Guard William   45th Foot  
Gubbins James   3rd Dragoons 13th Light Dragoons
Gubbins Richard   24th Foot 85th Foot
Guernsey Heneage (aka Earl of Ayelsforth) 9th Light Dragoons  
Gugger Anthony   De Roll’s Regiment  
Guichard (or Gichard) Edward   4th Foot  
Guise John Wright 3rd Foot Guards  
Gullifer Joseph W. 20th Light Dragoons  
Gun William   56th Foot 91st Foot
Gundell George Henry Chaplain   
Gunn Gordon   50th Foot  
Gunn John   5th Foot  
Gunn William   42nd Foot 8th Garrison Battalion
Gunning Charles   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Gunning George   9th Foot 1st Dragoons
Gunning George Orlando 3rd Dragoons 10th Light Dragoons
Gunning John   Staff Surgeon Deputy Inspector of Hospitals
Gunson Joseph   Purveyor  
Gunther     Chasseurs Britannique  
Gunther Georg   4th KGL Line  
Gunthorpe James   1st Foot Guards  
Gurwood John   52nd Foot Royal African Corps
Guthrie George James 29th Foot Staff Surgeon
Guthrie John Cleland 24th Foot  
Gwyn William   45th Foot 89th Foot
Gwynne Henry Lewis Edward 62nd Foot  
Gwynne James   47th Foot  
Gwynne John   14th Light Dragoons  

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