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Lionel S. Challis's "Peninsula Roll Call": Macalister, James to Mylne, William

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Last Name First Name Middle Name (s)
Regiment or Position
Macalister (or McAlister) James   13th Light Dragoons Brigade Major
Macalpine Archibald   81st Foot  
MacAlpine Robert   Volunteer 1st Foot
Macalpine Samuel   88th Foot  
MacAndrew David   27th Foot  
Macara Robert   42nd Foot  
MacArthur Edward   60th Foot 39th Foot
Macartney Samuel James 28th Foot  
Macartney William   52nd Foot  
Macaulay John Simcoe Royal Engineers  
Macbean Alexander   2nd KGL Light  
Macbean Archibald   Royal Artillery  
Macbean Forbes   Royal Artillery  
Macbean Frederick   6th Foot  
MacBeath Robert   Dillon’s Regiment  
MacDonald Alexander   Royal Artillery  
Macdonald Alexander   Royal Artillery  
Macdonald Allan   92nd Foot  
Macdonald Angus   57th Foot  
Macdonald Colin   23rd Foot  
Macdonald Donald   21st Foot 8th Caçadores
Macdonald Donald   42nd Foot  
MacDonald Donald   71st Foot 1st Caçadores
Macdonald Donald   92nd Foot  
Macdonald Godfrey   1st Foot Guards  
Macdonald John   88th Foot 14th Portuguese Line
Macdonald John   23rd Foot  
Macdonald John   50th Foot  
Macdonald John   74th Foot  
Macdonald John   Volunteer 91st Foot
Macdonald John   43rd Foot 51st Foot
Macdonald Reginald  Ronald 92nd Foot  
Macdonald Robert   Royal Artillery  
Macdonald Robert   1st Foot  
Macdonald Robert (Rowald, or Reginald Ranald) 91st Foot  
Macdonald Ronald   92nd Foot  
Macdonald (McDonnell) George   27th Foot  
Macdonell James   78th Foot 2nd Garrison Battalion
Macdonnell Alexander   1st Foot  
Macdonnell Alexander   95th Foot  
Macdonnell Alexander Michael 79th Foot  
Macdonnell Chichester   82nd Foot 34th Foot
MacDonnell Edward   92nd Foot  
Macdonnell James   78th Foot Coldstream Guards
Macdonnell (Glenhurrst) Allan   79th Foot  
MacDonnell (or Macdonald) George   27th Foot  
MacDougall Alexander   72nd Foot 5th Foot
Macdougall Allen   38th Foot  
Macdougall Colin   91st Foot  
MacDougall Duncan   61st Foot  
Macdougall John   91st Foot  
MacDougall Peter   32nd Foot 25th Foot
MacDougle James   Physician Deputy Inspector of Hospitals
Macfarlane Andrew Angus 91st Foot  
Macfarlane Peter   91st Foot  
MacGregor George   59th Foot  
Machell Lancelot   Royal Engineers  
Machell Richard   30th Foot Brigade Major
Macintosh Donald   42nd Foot  
MacIntosh Robert   94th Foot  
Macintosh Thomas   92nd Foot  
Mack James   4th Dragoons  
Mack Thomas   Volunteer 66th Foot
Mackay Donald   42nd Foot  
Mackay George   48th Foot  
Mackay George   47th Foot  
Mackay Honeyman   68th Foot  
MacKay Hugh   27th Foot  
Mackay Hugh   87th Foot  
Mackay James   63rd Foot 53rd Foot
Mackay John   82nd Foot  
MacKay John   27th Foot  
Mackay Lachlan   42nd Foot  
Mackay Niel   76th Foot  
Mackay Robert   79th Foot  
Mackay Robert Alexander 52nd Foot  
Mackay Stewart   Volunteer 36th Foot
Mackay William   92nd Foot 9th Royal Veteran Battalion
MacKay William   3rd Foot  
Mackay William   68th Foot  
Macken Simon   83rd Foot  
Mackenzie Colin   89th Foot 71st Foot
Mackenzie George   36th Foot  
Mackenzie Hugh   71st Foot  
Mackenzie John   5th Foot  
Mackenzie John Kenneth 4th Foot  
MacKenzie Lewis   9th Light Dragoons 63rd Foot
Mackenzie Maxwell   71st Foot  
Mackenzie Murdoch   20th Foot  
Mackenzie William   1st KGL Dragoons  
MacKeown John   82nd Foot  
Mackereth M. A. Chaplain  
Mackie George   92nd Foot  
Mackie John   92nd Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Mackie William   88th Foot  
Mackie William   27th Foot  
Mackinnon Daniel   Coldstream Guards ADC
Mackinnon Henry   General  
Mackintosh Robert   4th Foot 16th Portuguese Line
Mackintosh William Henry 4th Foot 1st Portuguese Line
Macklashan James   2nd KGL Light ADC
Macklin George   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Mackrell Thomas   44th Foot  
Mackvill James   61st Foot  
Mackworth Digby   7th Foot ADC
Mackworth Digby   7th Foot ADC
Maclachlan Alexander   Royal Artillery  
Maclagan David   91st Foot Staff Surgeon
Maclaine Archibald   94th Foot 87th Foot
Maclaine Murdoch   23rd Foot 42nd Foot
Maclaine Murdoch Hugh 42nd Foot  
Maclaurin David Scott K. Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Maclean Allan   79th Foot  
Maclean Allan Thomas 13th Light Dragoons  
MacLean Charles   53rd Foot  
Maclean Charles F. W. 78th Foot  
Maclean Daniel   42nd Foot 95th Foot
Maclean George Allan 61st Foot  
MacLean John   53rd Foot  
Maclean John   27th Foot  
Maclean John Leyburn 43rd Foot  
Maclean John Livesey 43rd Foot  
Macleod Donald   76th Foot Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Macleod Donald   45th Foot  
Macleod Donald   Royal Waggon Train  
Macleod George Francis Royal Engineers  
MacLeod Henry George Royal Artillery  
MacLeod Martin   27th Foot  
Macleod Norman   95th Foot  
MacMahon Terence   53rd Foot  
Macmullen Stephen   59th Foot Staff Surgeon
Macnab John   94th Foot  
Macnab Robert   Edinburgh Militia 94th Foot
Macnamara Francis   28th Foot  
Macnamara John   9th Foot 5th Portuguese Line
Macnamara Thomas   95th Foot  
MacNeil Archibald   91st Foot  
Macpherson Alexander   59th Foot  
Macpherson Donald   39th Foot  
Macpherson Donald   42nd Foot  
MacPherson Duncan   92nd Foot  
Macpherson Ewan   92nd Foot 79th Foot
Macpherson John   92nd Foot  
Macpherson John   5th Foot  
Macpherson Mungo   42nd Foot  
Macpherson Robert  Barclay 88th Foot  
Macquarrie Charles   42nd Foot  
Macqueen Donald John 74th Foot  
Macrea James   13th Light Dragoons  
Macredie Thomas   71st Foot  
Madden Charles Dudley 4th Dragoons  
Madden Edward Marcell 95th Foot  
Madden George   30th Foot 89th Foot
Madden George Allan General  
Madden Molesworth Monson 43rd Foot 102nd Foot
Madden William S. 52nd Foot  
Madden  Wyndham Carlyon 43rd Foot  
Maddison John George 7th Light Dragoons  
Maddocks James   27th Foot  
Maddocks William   79th Foot  
Maddox George   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Magee James Fitzmaurice 38th Foot  
Magennis Henry Arthur Royal Horse Guards 7th Foot
Magennis Richard William 7th Foot  
Magill John   38th Foot  
Maginn Daniel Wedgworth Hospital Assistant  
Maginniss William   87th Foot  
Magrath Edward   29th Light Dragoons  
Maguire Francis   4th Foot  
Maguire William   27th Foot  
Maher John   87th Foot 8th Portuguese Line
Mahner Augustus   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Mahon Anthony   47th Foot  
Mahon Bartholomew   88th Foot  
Mahon Denis   9th Light Dragoons 56th Foot
Mahon John   9th Foot  
Mahon John   Royal Waggon Train  
Mahon John   62nd Foot  
Mahon Luke   3rd Foot Guards  
Mahon Maurice   68th Foot  
Mahon Peter   11th Foot  
Mahon Walter George 51st Foot  
Mahon (or Mahoney) James   Volunteer 44th Foot
Mahoney John D. 14th Light Dragoons  
Mahoney Martin (Montague Martin M.) 7th Foot  
Maillew John Manning 67th Foot  
Mainburg August   1st KGL Light Foreign Veteran Battalion
Mainwaring Frederick   45th Foot 51st Foot
Mainwaring George Henry Royal Artillery  
Mainwaring John Montague 51st Foot 26th Foot
Mair Archibald   27th Foot  
Mair Francis   59th Foot  
Mair John Haskings 7th Foot  
Maister John   34th Foot  
Maitland Brownlow   Royal Artillery  
Maitland Frederick   General  
Maitland John M. 52nd Foot 47th Foot
Maitland Peregrine   General  
Major Francis William A.C. Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Major John   1st Foot  
Major John   13th Light Dragoons  
Malaspina G. H. De Watteville’s Regiment  
Malcolm John   42nd Foot  
Malcolm John   Volunteer 1st Foot
Malet Elias   30th Foot Spanish Staff
Maling John   52nd Foot Staff Surgeon
Maling Thomas   44th Foot  
Maling William Eylis Royal Artillery  
Mallet Hugh   Royal Artillery  
Mallett Jonathan   Royal Artillery  
Mallock John McGregor 16th Light Dragoons  
Malone Anthony   40th Foot ADC
Malone John   5th Foot 98th Foot
Maloney John   40th Foot  
Maltby George Edward 20th Foot  
Manby Joseph Lane 85th Foot  
Manby William   44th Foot Royal York Rangers
Mancot Andrew   59th Foot  
Manders William   3rd Foot  
Mandeville William   59th Foot  
Mangin Samuel   27th Foot  
Manley Charles   27th Foot  
Manley John   36th Foot  
Mann Frederick William Royal Staff Corps  
Mann James   1st Foot  
Mann John   28th Foot 99th Foot
Mann William   57th Foot  
Mannel Albrecht   De Watteville’s Regiment  
Manners Charles   Royal Artillery  
Manners Charles Somerset 10th Light Dragoons 23rd Light Dragoons
Manners Henry Herbert 95th Foot  
Manners Richard   59th Foot  
Manners Robert   10th Light Dragoons 2nd Foot
Manners Robert   Royal Artillery  
Manners Russell   74th Foot  
Mannin Thomas   74th Foot  
Manning George   34th Foot  
Manning Thomas   81st Foot  
Manningham Coote   General  
Mannsbach James   4th KGL Line  
Mansel John   53rd Foot  
Mansel Robert Christopher 53rd Foot  
Mansergh George   83rd Foot  
Mansfield Ralph   88th Foot  
Mansfield Ralph   15th Light Dragoons  
Mapother Charles   Deputy Purveyor Staff Surgeon
March Charles Lennox (Duke of Richmond) 13th Light Dragoons 92nd Foot
Marchington Joseph   Royal Waggon Train 71st Foot
Marke Joseph   57th Foot  
Marlay Edward Stephen 82nd Foot 8th Portuguese Line
Marlay George   6th Garrison Battalion 14th Foot
Marlay Henry   3rd Foot  
Marlow Thomas   39th Foot  
Marr Charles   59th Foot  
Marsac Richard Henry 1st Foot Guards  
Marsack G.  H. 31st Foot  
Marsden John   11th Foot  
Marsden John Rothwell 4th Foot  
Marsden William   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Marsh Hans Stevenson 45th Foot  
Marsh Henry   58th Foot  
Marsh Robert   24th Foot 3rd Provisional Battalion
Marshall Anthony   Royal Engineers  
Marshall George   92nd Foot  
Marshall George   82nd Foot  
Marshall James   4th Foot  
Marshall John   14th Foot  
Marshall John   29th Foot  
Marshall John   48th Foot  
Marshall John   91st Foot  
Marshall Robert   92nd Foot  
Marshall William   79th Foot  
Marston Molyneux   48th Foot Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Marten Thomas   2nd Life Guards  
Martin Alexander   45th Foot  
Martin Benjamin   4th Foot  
Martin Christopher Bernard 60th Foot  
Martin David August Ludewig 1st KGL Light  
Martin Donald N. Royal Artillery  
Martin Henry   51st Foot  
Martin Henry   44th Foot  
Martin James   85th Foot  
Martin John   23rd Light Dragoons  
Martin John   9th Foot  
Martin John G. Royal Artillery  
Martin Richard   Volunteer 88th Foot
Martin Samuel Coote 1st Foot Guards  
Martin Thomas   88th Foot  
Martindale  James Ward 67th Foot  
Martyn H. W. 11th Foot  
Mason Edward H. 82nd Foot  
Mason James   1st Dragoons 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Mason William   82nd Foot  
Massey Francis   1st Foot  
Massey John   3rd Dragoons  
Masson William   50th Foot  
Master William Chester 3rd Foot Guards  
Masterman J.   99th Foot 34th Foot
Masters Francis R. 26th Foot  
Masters Stephen   30th Foot  
Mathelin Denis   Chasseurs Britannique  
Matheson Alexander   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Mathews Joseph   93rd Foot  
Mathison John Augustus 77th Foot 17th Portuguese Line
Matson Edward   Royal Engineers  
Matthei Johann Daniel 4th KGL Line  
Matthew Robert   38th Foot  
Matthews (Rev.)   Chaplain  
Matthews Edward   9th Foot  
Matthews George   32nd Foot  
Matthews James   3rd Foot Staff Surgeon
Matthews James   38th Foot  
Matthews John   2nd Foot  
Matthews John Echlin 43rd Foot  
Matthews Ponsonby   47th Foot  
Matthews Richard   Apothecary  
Matthews Robert   42nd Foot  
Matthews Thomas   5th Dragoon Guards  
Maule George Silvester Royal Artillery  
Maunsell Frederick   18th Foot 85th Foot
Maunsell George   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Maunsell Robert Hedges 39th Foot Brigade Major
Maunsell (or Monsell) Richard   48th Foot  
Maurice William   Hospital Assistant  
Mauritz George   32nd Foot  
Maw J. H. L. 23rd Foot Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Maxton William   2nd Foot  
Maxwell Archibald Montgomery Royal Artillery  
Maxwell Charles   67th Foot  
Maxwell Hamilton   26th Foot 42nd Foot
Maxwell James   27th Foot  
Maxwell John   Royal Artillery  
Maxwell Robert   74th Foot 17th Portuguese Line
Maxwell Robert   48th Foot  
Maxwell Samuel   92nd Foot  
Maxwell Stewart   Royal Artillery  
Maxwell William   83rd Foot  
Maxwell William   26th Foot  
May Herman Storme 81st Foot Staff Assistant Surgeon
May John   Royal Artillery Portuguese Artillery
May Victor   De Watteville’s Regiment  
Mayben (or Mailben) Williams   26th Foot Staff Surgeon
Mayer Ernst   2nd KGL Light  
Maynard Thomas   Coldstream Guards  
Mayne Charles   43rd Foot  
Mayne Richard   30th Foot  
Mayne William   1st Life Guards  
Mayne William F.  59th Foot  
Maypowder Robert Mills 76th Foot 8th Light Dragoons
McAdam William   9th Foot  
McAlpine R.   71st Foot 4th Royal Veteran Battalion
McAndrew John   9th Light Dragoons  
McArthur Archibald   94th Foot  
McArthur Charles   Volunteer 79th Foot
McArthur James D. 36th Foot 2nd Royal Veteran Battalion
McArthur John   79th Foot  
McArthur Peter   3rd Foot 14th Portuguese Line
McAulay Archibald   44th Foot  
McBarnet Donald   92nd Foot  
McBarnett William   79th Foot  
McBean Alexander   83rd Foot  
McBean William   6th Foot 19th Portuguese Line
McBeath George   62nd Foot  
McBeath William   42nd Foot  
McCabe James   36th Foot  
McCabe John   51st Foot  
McCabe Patrick   Hospital Assistant  
McCall John   42nd Foot  
McCalman Donald   24th Foot  
McCann Thomas   44th Foot  
McCarthy C. F. 88th Foot  
McCarthy Charles   66th Foot  
McCarthy Charles   31st Foot  
McCarthy Charles   14th Light Dragoons  
McCarthy John C. Connor 50th Foot  
McCarthy William   97th Foot  
McCartney Lawrence   81st Foot  
McCausland John   Chasseurs Britannique  
McClintock Hugh   32nd Foot  
McClintock James   88th Foot  
McCoard James   27th Foot  
McCormick James   94th Foot  
McCorquodale Duncan   92nd Foot  
McCouchy James   32nd Foot  
McCraw William   71st Foot  
McCrea Rawdon   87th Foot  
McCreagh Michael   1st Foot 7th Portuguese Line
McCrohan Dennis Eugene Volunteer 4th Foot
McCrohan John   3rd Foot  
McCrummen Donald   42nd Foot  
McCrummen Patrick   79th Foot  
McCullcoh William   Royal Engineers  
McCulloch David   84th Foot  
McCullock John Garlies 95th Foot  
McCullock Samuel   Royal Artillery  
McCully (McCally, McAulay) Robert   45th Foot  
McCurdy Thomas   47th Foot  
McDearmid Duncan   85th Foot 60th Foot
McDearmid John   95th Foot  
McDearmid John   43rd Foot  
McDermott Henry   88th Foot 13th Portuguese Line
McDermott John   11th Foot  
McDermott Joseph Bernard Chasseurs Britannique Dillon’s Regiment
McDermott Thomas   21st Light Dragoons Cavalry Staff Corps
McDonald Alexander   92nd Foot  
McDonald Angus   79th Foot  
McDonald Angus   95th Foot  
McDonald Archibald   92nd Foot  
McDonald Archibald   45th Foot 3rd Garrison Battalion
McDonald Charles Alexander 58th Foot  
McDonald Colin   45th Foot  
McDonald Donald   1st Foot 40th Foot
McDonald Donald   92nd Foot  
McDonald Donald   Royal Engineers  
McDonald Donald   1st Foot  
McDonald Duncan   57th Foot  
McDonald  Duncan   74th Foot  
McDonald George   50th Foot  
McDonald James   68th Foot Deputy Assistant Commissary General
McDonald John   1st Foot Guards ADC
McDonald Robert J. 28th Foot  
McDonnell Archibald   92nd Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
McDonnell Ewen   Volunteer 61st Foot
McDonnell Francis   Assistant Commissary General  
McDonnell George   45th Foot  
McDonnell Richard   92nd Foot  
McDonnell Ronald William 47th Foot  
McDonnell (or McDonald) Donald   91st Foot 11th Portuguese Line
McDonogh Thomas   35th Foot Assistant Commissary General
McDonough Joseph   39th Foot  
McDougal Alexander   45th Foot  
McDougal Colin   42nd Foot 79th Foot
McDougal Colin   91st Foot 1st Battalion of Detachments
McDougal Kenneth   42nd Foot  
McDougall Alexander   16th Light Dragoons  
McDougall Duncan   53rd Foot 85th Foot
McDougall James   23rd Foot  
McDougall Neill   75th Foot Deputy Assistant Adjutant General
McDougall Patrick   48th Foot  
McDougall Peter   57th Foot  
McDougall William Adair 88th Foot  
McDowall Alexander   Staff Surgeon  
McDowall James (John)   11th Foot  
McDowell Joseph   Royal Waggon Train  
McEachran William   92nd Foot  
McEnnally John   28th Foot  
McFarlane Alexander   4th Garrison Battalion 34th Foot
McFarlane Duncan   92nd Foot  
McFarlane George   58th Foot  
McGeachy Alexander   11th Foot 22nd Portuguese Line
McGibbon Dugald   57th Foot 2nd Portuguese Line
McGibbon John   79th Foot  
McGibbon Robert   45th Foot  
McGibbon Walter   57th Foot  
McGilivray William   12th Light Dragoons 60th Foot
McGill William   1st Foot  
McGillewie James   85th Foot  
McGlashan Patrick   Staff Surgeon  
McGlashan Thomas   6th Foot 54th Foot
McGrath Joseph   Hospital Assistant  
McGregor Alexander   95th Foot 4th Caçadores
McGregor Duncan   78th Foot  
McGregor George   57th Foot 8th Portuguese Line
McGregor Gregor   1st Foot  
McGregor Hugh   79th Foot 91st Foot
McGregor James   59th Foot  
McGregor James   84th Foot  
McGregor John   25th Foot 77th Foot
McGregor John   88th Foot  
McGregor Malcolm   11th Foot  
McGregor Robert  B. 88th Foot  
McGregor William Gordon 11th Foot 46th Foot
McGregor (or McGrigor) James   Staff Physician  
McGuchin Charles Averill 38th Foot  
McInnes Alexander   2nd Life Guards  
McInnes Duncan   42nd Foot  
McIntosh Aeneas   85th Foot 79th Foot
McIntosh Alexander   48th Foot  
McIntosh Alexander Fisher 14th Light Dragoons 3rd Dragoon Guards
McIntosh Andrew   31st Foot  
McIntosh Daniel   42nd Foot  
McIntosh Donald   79th Foot 88th Foot
McIntosh Duncan   92nd Foot Staff Surgeon
McIntosh Hugh   16th Light Dragoons 101st Foot
McIntyre Alexander   79th Foot  
McIntyre Augustus J. 71st Foot  
McIntyre David   91st Foot  
McIntyre James   71st Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
McIntyre John   71st Foot  
McIver John   61st Foot  
McIvor Edward   40th Foot  
McKay Donald   42nd Foot  
McKeldon John   87th Foot  
McKenzie Alexander   60th Foot 81st Foot
McKenzie Alexander   42nd Foot  
McKenzie Donald   42nd Foot  
McKenzie George Davis 5th Foot  
McKenzie Hugh   57th Foot  
McKenzie John   95th Foot  
McKenzie John   79th Foot  
McKenzie John   1st Dragoons 39th Foot
McKenzie John   Assistant Commissary General Deputy Commissary General
McKenzie John (Gairloch) General  
McKenzie John Holland 5th Foot  
McKenzie John Randoll General  
McKenzie Kenneth   91st Foot  
McKenzie Patrick   81st Foot  
McKenzie Robert   45th Foot  
McKenzie Roderick   77th Foot 47th Foot
McKenzie Thomas   43rd Foot  
McKenzie William   42nd Foot Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
McKenzie (or Mackenzie) Alexander Wedderburne 1st Foot 60th Foot
McKilligan John   1st Foot  
McKinlay Donald   Hospital Assistant  
McKinnon Ronald Angus 42nd Foot  
McLachlan Alexander   42nd Foot 71st Foot
McLachlan Andrew (Allan)   91st Foot  
McLachlan Donald   57th Foot  
McLachlan Duncan   77th Foot  
McLachlan George M. 91st Foot  
McLachlan Peter   77th Foot  
McLachlan Robert   43rd Foot  
McLaine Hector   57th Foot  
McLaren Alexander Donald 91st Foot  
McLaren Charles   42nd Foot  
McLatchie Hugh   26th Foot  
McLean Alexander   79th Foot 1st Battalion of Detachments
McLean Allan   91st Foot  
McLean Charles James 79th Foot  
McLean John   79th Foot  
McLean Lewis   5th Foot  
McLean William   27th Foot Deputy Assistant Commissary General
McLean  William   44th Foot  
McLellan     23rd Foot  
McLeod Alexander   61st Foot  
McLeod Charles   43rd Foot  
McLeod Donald   38th Foot Staff Surgeon
McLeod J.  Mason Donald 95th Foot  
McLeod James   1st Foot  
McLeod John   Physician  
McLeod Roderick (Patrick) 38th Foot  
McLeod Swinton   42nd Foot  
McLeod William   61st Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
McLoughlin David   61st Foot  
McMahon John   60th Foot  
McMahon Patrick   87th Foot  
McMahon Thomas   General  
McMahon William O’Bryen 91st Foot 96th Foot
McMillan Alexander   26th Foot  
McMillan Quintin   56th Foot Staff Surgeon
McMillan (or McMullin)     63rd Foot  
McMinn Henry   39th Foot  
McNab Alan   92nd Foot  
McNab Duncan   52nd Foot  
McNab Robert   Volunteer 94th Foot
McNabb Alexander   30th Foot  
McNabb Duncan   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
McNair J. C. Assistant Commissary General  
McNair James   52nd Foot  
McNamara John   67th Foot  
McNaughton Alexander   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
McNeice Conway   Hospital Assistant  
McNeil John   79th Foot  
McNeil Roderick   52nd Foot 91st Foot
McNeil Thomas   82nd Foot 74th Foot
McNeill Donald   91st Foot  
McNeill Malcolm   12th Light Dragoons 4th Dragoons
McNichol Donald   1st Foot 28th Foot
McNichol (McNicol) Nichol   27th Foot  
McNiel  Donald   79th Foot 12th Portuguese Line
McNish  William   5th Foot  
McNiven Thomas   42nd Foot  
McNulty Manus   Hospital Assistant  
McPhail John   70th Foot 5th Portuguese Line
McPhee Donald   79th Foot  
McPhee John   Volunteer 79th Foot
McPherson Aeneas   59th Foot  
McPherson Alexander   6th Foot  
McPherson Alexander   59th Foot  
McPherson Alexander   59th Foot  
McPherson Alexander   92nd Foot  
McPherson David   31st Foot 2nd Portuguese Line
McPherson Donald   92nd Foot  
McPherson Donald   95th Foot  
McPherson Duncan   92nd Foot  
McPherson Duncan   27th Foot  
McPherson Duncan   79th Foot  
McPherson Evan   36th Foot  
McPherson Ewan Cameron 92nd Foot  
McPherson James   45th Foot  
McPherson John   59th Foot  
McPherson John H. 38th Foot  
McPherson Lachlan   Deputy Purveyor  
McPherson Lachlan   74th Foot  
McPherson Mungo   42nd Foot  
McPherson Philip   Volunteer 52nd Foot
McRa John   79th Foot 27th Foot
McRoberts John   92nd Foot 27th Foot
McVaugh Henry Chapman 4th Foot  
McVeagh William   77th Foot  
McVicar John   Royal Waggon Train  
McWhirter Thomas   Staff Assistant Surgeon  
Meacham John Cathcart 24th Foot  
Meacham William Prescott 28th Foot  
Meade Augustus   91st Foot  
Meade Charles   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Meade Frederick   88th Foot  
Meade John   40th Foot Staff Surgeon
Meade John   45th Foot  
Meade Michael de Courcey 39th Foot  
Meade Thomas Harold 61st Foot  
Meade Thomas Roche 92nd Foot 7th Foot
Meade  William Henry 44th Foot  
Meadows Philip   Royal Artillery  
Meagher Timothy   7th Foot 43rd Foot
Meares Richard   7th Foot 2nd Life Guards
Medley Thomas   36th Foot 2nd Royal Veteran Battalion
Medlicott Wellsley   67th Foot  
Medlycott J.   24th Foot 28th Foot
Mee George   83rd Foot  
Mee John   24th Foot 5th Garrison Battalion
Meech R.   3rd Foot  
Meech Thomas Crosbie 39th Foot  
Meggett Peter   42nd Foot  
Meier Ernst   2nd KGL Dragoons  
Meighan Michael William 32nd Foot  
Mein John Alexander 74th Foot  
Mein Nicholas Alexander 85th Foot 43rd Foot
Mein William   52nd Foot  
Meineke Georg Friederich KGL Engineers  
Meister Georg   2nd KGL Hussars  
Mejer Philipp   4th KGL Line  
Melhuish Samuel Camplin Royal Engineers  
Mellish Henry Francis 87th Foot Sicilian Regiment
Mellish William   Royal Waggon Train  
Melville  J.   Assistant Paymaster General  
Melville David   Royal Engineers  
Melville Robert   68th Foot  
Mence Haffey   44th Foot  
Mendham William   68th Foot  
Mends Hugh Bowen 68th Foot 22nd Foot
Mensing Ernst   6th KGL Line  
Menteath Thomas L. Stuart 59th Foot  
Menzer Philipp   2nd KGL Light  
Menzies Archibald   42nd Foot  
Mercer Augustus C. 9th Foot  
Mercer Cavalier Shorthose Royal Engineers  
Mercer Charles Wilkinson 51st Foot  
Mercer G. M. Fahie 11th Foot  
Mercer James   14th Foot  
Mercer Robert   95th Foot  
Mercer  James Bradshaw 23rd Foot  
Mercer  James   3rd Foot Guards Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Mercer (Henderson) Douglas   3rd Foot Guards ADC
Mercier John   Royal Artillery  
Meredith Ralph   6th Foot 11th Portuguese Line
Meredith Richard Martin 39th Foot  
Mermet Joseph   De Watteville’s Regiment  
Merry  Augustus   52nd Foot  
Messiter Henry   26th Foot  
Metcalfe John   32nd Foot  
Metcalfe John   Chaplain  
Metcalfe  Henry   45th Foot  
Methold John   71st Foot  
Methuen Charles Lucas 1st Dragoons ADC
Meyer August   5th KGL Line  
Meyer Carl   2nd KGL Light  
Meyer Carl Gustav 2nd KGL Line  
Meyer Conrad Victor 1st KGL Line  
Meyer Conrad Wilhelm 1st KGL Line  
Meyer Georg   2nd KGL Line  
Meyer Georg   2nd KGL Light  
Meyer Georg   3rd KGL Hussars  
Meyer Gustav   3rd KGL Hussars  
Meyer Henry Andrew Chaplain  
Meyer Johann   5th KGL Line  
Meyer Ludewig   3rd KGL Hussars 1st KGL Hussars
Meyer Wilhelm   5th KGL Line  
Meyer Wilhelm   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Meynell Francis Edward 10th Light Dragoons  
Meyrick Thomas   39th Foot  
Michel (Conte de Theron ) Hypolite 97th Foot  
Michel D.  Peter M. 97th Foot  
Michell  Charles  Cornwallis Royal Artillery  
Michell Edward Thomas Royal Artillery  
Michell John   Royal Artillery  
Michelson George   44th Foot  
Micklaw Frederick   77th Foot  
Micklethwaite John   2nd Dragoons  
Middlemore George   48th Foot 8th Garrison Battalion
Middleton Alexander   36th Foot  
Middleton Henry   45th Foot  
Middleton John   91st Foot 95th Foot
Middleton William   42nd Foot  
Midgley William   1st Foot  
Mildmay Paulet St. John Coldstream Guards  
Miles Edward   38th Foot  
Miles George   5th Dragoon Guards  
Miles John Marshall Volunteer 43rd Foot
Mill James   40th Foot  
Millar Henry   40th Foot  
Millar John   27th Foot  
Millar John   Hospital Assistant  
Miller Arthur   6th Foot  
Miller George   31st Foot  
Miller George   95th Foot  
Miller James   68th Foot  
Miller James   74th Foot 23rd Portuguese Line
Miller James (John) Fitzwilliam Volunteer 1st Foot
Miller John   Royal Artillery  
Miller John   Volunteer 79th Foot
Miller John   38th Foot  
Miller John   Hospital Assistant  
Miller Robert   39th Foot  
Miller Thomas   1st Foot  
Miller William   1st Foot Guards Deputy Assistant Adjutant General
Miller William   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Miller William Bowen 79th Foot  
Millerd James   24th Foot  
Milles Thomas Potter 14th Light Dragoons  
Milles William Hicks 36th Foot  
Millett Christopher   De Watteville’s Regiment  
Milling Henry   81st Foot  
Millins Charles   Chasseurs Britannique  
Mills Charles   27th Foot Brigade Major
Mills John   Coldstream Guards  
Mills John   51st Foot  
Mills Joseph Langley Chaplain  
Mills Oliver   45th Foot  
Mills Oliver   88th Foot  
Mills William   58th Foot 22nd Light Dragoons
Milman Francis Miles Coldstream Guards ADC
Milne James   23rd Foot  
Milne Peter   42nd Foot  
Milne William   42nd Foot  
Milne William   66th Foot  
Milner Charles   18th Light Dragoons  
Milnes George Miles 45th Foot 10th Royal Veteran Battalion
Milnes James Miles 45th Foot  
Milnes William Henry 1st Foot Guards ADC
Minchin Francis   51st Foot  
Minchin John   9th Light Dragoons  
Minchin John Paul 38th Foot  
Minchin William   13th Light Dragoons  
Minet William   30th Foot  
Missohlett Edward   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Mitchell Andrew   50th Foot  
Mitchell George   92nd Foot  
Mitchell Hugh Henry 51st Foot  
Mitchell James   Hospital Assistant  
Mitchell James   88th Foot  
Mitchell James   92nd Foot  
Mitchell James   68th Foot  
Mitchell James Stephen 9th Foot 22nd Portuguese Line
Mitchell John J. 1st Foot 15th Foot
Mitchell Parry   62nd Foot 77th Foot
Mitchell Robert   28th Foot  
Mitchell Robert   60th Foot  
Mitchell Robert Henry 28th Foot  
Mitchell Samuel   95th Foot  
Mitchell Thomas   92nd Foot  
Mitchell Thomas Livingston 95th Foot Quartermaster General Department
Mitchell William   20th Light Dragoons 2nd KGL Hussars
Mittelholzer Ulrich   De Watteville’s Regiment  
Mitton William   32nd Foot  
Moeller Friederich   5th KGL Line  
Moffat William   48th Foot  
Moffatt Abraham   71st Foot  
Moffatt William   79th Foot  
Moffitt James   7th Light Dragoons  
Mogridge James Edward 34th Foot  
Mohr Anthony   De Roll’s Regiment  
Moir J. W. 53rd Foot  
Moir William   37th Foot  
Moises Hugh   9th Foot  
Molesworth Edward   28th Light Dragoons Assistant Adjutant General
Molle George   9th Foot 46th Foot
Molloy Arthur   32nd Foot  
Molloy Charles Robert Manners 1st Foot Guards ADC
Molloy John   95th Foot  
Molloy Thomas   27th Foot Assistant Adjutant General
Molyneux (Williams) Thomas   4th Foot 77th Foot
Monaghan Thomas   3rd Foot 5th Caçadores
Monck Charles Joseph Kelly 43rd Foot  
Monckton Carleton   16th Light Dragoons  
Moncrieffe E.  Cornwallis 50th Foot 4th Royal Veteran Battalion
Mondo Lewis   Chasseurs Britannique  
Money Archibald   11th Light Dragoons  
Monins Richard   52nd Foot  
Monins William   Volunteer 52nd Foot
Monk Charles   44th Foot  
Monk Richard   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Monro Frederick   Royal Artillery  
Montagu Frederick   28th Foot  
Montague George Wroughton 82nd Foot ADC
Montague William   1st Royal Dragoons  
Montford Charles   4th Foot  
Montgomerie Archibald   General  
Montgomerie Archibald   21st Foot  
Montgomerie Hugh   57th Foot  
Montgomerie Hugh Barnet 3rd Foot Guards  
Montgomery Alexander Richard 23rd Foot  
Montgomery Henry   50th Foot  
Montgomery John   83rd Foot  
Montgomery John   50th Foot  
Montgomery Knox   81st Foot  
Montgomery Richard   Volunteer 7th Foot
Moody Affleck   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Moody Charles   36th Foot  
Moody Thomas   4th Foot  
Mooney John   34th Foot  
Moor Hassell Richard Royal Artillery  
Moore Charles   67th Foot  
Moore Edward   18th Light Dragoons Brigade Major
Moore Edward Francis 45th Foot  
Moore George   57th Foot  
Moore George   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Moore George A. Royal Artillery  
Moore Henry James 95th Foot  
Moore J. J. 52nd Foot Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Moore James   97th Foot  
Moore James Stewart 11th Light Dragoons  
Moore James Thomas 87th Foot  
Moore Joseph   1st Foot  
Moore John   Deputy Purveyor  
Moore John   General  
Moore John   99th Foot 60th Foot
Moore Matthew   62nd Foot 39th Foot
Moore Richard   4th Foot  
Moore Richard   28th Foot  
Moore Robert   Coldstream Guards  
Moore Robert   40th Foot  
Moore Robert   50th Foot  
Moore Robert   1st Life Guards  
Moore Samuel   28th Foot  
Moore Thomas   82nd Foot 11th Foot
Moore Thomas   27th Foot  
Moore Thomas   38th Foot 11th Portuguese Line
Moore W.B.   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Moore William   74th Foot  
Moore William   71st Foot  
Moore William   27th Foot  
Moore William   11th Foot  
Moore William George 52nd Foot 1st Foot Guards
Moore William James 6th Foot 7th West India Regiment
Mooreson William Richard 67th Foot  
Moorhead Charles   71st Foot  
Moorhead Richard   Hospital Assistant  
Moorhouse Joseph William 3rd Foot Guards  
Moorson Henry Nathaniel 24th Foot 104th Foot
Moran Francis   Hospital Assistant  
Moray Charles   1st Dragoon Guards 16th Light Dragoons
Moray William   17th Light Dragoons ADC
Mordaunt Lewis   61st Foot  
Moreton Augustus John Francis 1st Foot Guards  
Moreton William   13th Light Dragoons 2nd Life Guards
Morewood George Alexander  Physician  
Morgan David   50th Foot  
Morgan Edward   7th Foot  
Morgan Evan   Royal Artillery  
Morgan George   45th Foot  
Morgan George Gould Coldstream Guards  
Morgan Herbert   66th Foot  
Morgan Hugh   Royal Artillery  
Morgan James Thomas 12th Light Dragoons  
Morgan John   Royal Artillery  
Morgan John Lewis 2nd Foot  
Morgenthal William   60th Foot 2nd Life Guards
Moriarty James   88th Foot  
Morissett James T. 48th Foot ADC
Morland Charles   17th Light Dragoons 9th Light Dragoons
Morley James   Staff Surgeon  
Morlie John   2nd Foot 2nd Provisional Battalion
Morphett Mars   Volunteer 53rd Foot
Morphew Powell J. 3rd Foot  
Morrah William   4th Foot 62nd Foot
Morres Redmond   13th Light Dragoons 9th Light Dragoons
Morris Ambrose   67th Foot  
Morris Apollos   66th Foot  
Morris Arthur   66th Foot 4th Garrison Battalion
Morris George   47th Foot  
Morris James   18th Light Dragoons  
Morris Ralph Best 38th Foot  
Morris Richard   3rd Foot  
Morris Samuel   Apothecary  
Morris Shapland   28th Foot  
Morris  John Carew 66th Foot  
Morrison Charles   10th Light Dragoons  
Morrison Charles   Royal Waggon Train  
Morrison David   58th Foot Brigade Quartermaster
Morrison George   48th Foot  
Morrison John Whiteford 79th Foot  
Morrison William   Royal Artillery  
Morrison William   43rd Foot  
Morrow Alexander   39th Foot  
Morrow (or Morow) Robert   36th Foot 40th Foot
Morse George   4th Dragoons Staff Surgeon
Morshead John   52nd Foot Bourbon Regiment
Mortant Robert   9th Foot  
Mortimer Charles   82nd Foot  
Mortimer Edward   20th Light Dragoons  
Mortished (or Mortashed) John   Volunteer 32nd Foot
Morton Thomas   Apothecary  
Morton (or Moreton) Moses   58th Foot 10th Portuguese Line
Morton (or Morten) Harcourt   85th Foot 49th Foot
Morvell William Richard Staff Surgeon  
Moseley William Henry Physician  
Moseman Hugh   57th Foot  
Moses Thomas   7th Foot  
Moss John Irving 13th Light Dragoons  
Moss William   61st Foot  
Mosse Charles   Royal Artillery  
Mostyn Robert   81st Foot  
Mostyn Thomas   27th Foot  
Moulson Edward   89th Foot  
Moultrie Thomas   7th Foot  
Mount Edward   West Kent Militia Royal Waggon Train
Mountain Robert   47th Foot  
Mountgarrett William   87th Foot  
Mousdale John   45th Foot  
Mowlds John David 10th Foot 11th Foot
Mudge Richard Zachary Royal Engineers  
Mudie Charles   1st Foot  
Mulcaster Edmund R. Royal Engineers  
Mulhallen Robert   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Mulholland Richard   4th Foot  
Mullen Robert   1st Foot  
Mullenger Edward   10th Foot  
Mullens Edward   28th Foot  
Muller Carl   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Muller Frederick   1st Foot 5th Portuguese Line
Muller Georg   2nd KGL Line  
Muller Heinrich   2nd KGL Line  
Muller Heinrich Friederich August 2nd KGL Light  
Muller Henry   60th Foot  
Muller Joseph   Chasseurs Britannique  
Muller Nicholas   De Roll’s Regiment  
Muller Paul   5th KGL Line  
Mullins Thomas   44th Foot  
Mullins Thomas Townsend Arenburgh 7th Foot  
Munday Godfrey Basil 3rd Dragoons 2nd Foot
Munro Charles   45th Foot  
Munro David   94th Foot  
Munro George Aylmer 42nd Foot  
Munro George Gunn 42nd Foot  
Munro Hector   71st Foot  
Munro William   25th Foot  
Munro Thomas   42nd Foot ADC
Munt Frederick   36th Foot  
Munton John   32nd Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Murchison Robert P. 43rd Foot  
Murchison Roderick   36th Foot  
Murdoch James Campbell 91st Foot  
Murphy Barnaby   88th Foot  
Murphy Bernard   43rd Foot  
Murphy George Henry Edward 87th Foot 23rd Portuguese Line
Murphy Joseph   34th Foot 12th Portuguese Line
Murphy Michael   3rd Foot 3rd Portuguese Line
Murphy William   43rd Foot 23rd Portuguese Line
Murray  Richard   5th Foot  
Murray Alexander   Assistant Commissary General Deputy Commissary General
Murray Archibald John 3rd Foot Guards  
Murray Charles   1st Foot Guards  
Murray Denis   16th Light Dragoons  
Murray Evan John McGregor 15th Light Dragoons 103rd Foot
Murray Francis   94th Foot  
Murray George   General   
Murray George   2nd Life Guards  
Murray George Home 16th Light Dragoons  
Murray Henry   18th Light Dragoons  
Murray James   20th Foot  
Murray James Patrick 66th Foot 5th Garrison Battalion
Murray John   39th Foot 66th Foot
Murray John   71st Foot 91st Foot
Murray John   20th Foot  
Murray John   General  
Murray John   Commissary General  
Murray Robert Lathrop Royal Waggon Train  
Murray Thomas   Royal Artillery  
Murray Thomas   26th Foot  
Murray Walter Hamilton 1st Foot  
Murray William   Volunteer 27th Foot
Muskerry     38th Foot  
Muskett Thomas Willis Royal Artillery Drivers   
Muter James   3rd Foot  
Muter Robert   7th Foot  
Muter (Straton) Joseph   13th Light Dragoons 6th Dragoons
Myer Arthuer   7th Light Dragoons  
Myers John   57th Foot  
Myers William J. 7th Foot  
Myler William   Deputy Assistant Commissary General  
Myles John   50th Foot  
Mylne Thomas   79th Foot  
Mylne William   9th Foot  

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