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Lionel S. Challis's "Peninsula Roll Call": Wackholtz, Friederich to Wyse, Francis

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Last Name First Name Middle Name (s)
Regiment or Position
Wackholtz Friederich Ludewig Brunswick Light Infantry  
Waddell George James 39th Foot  
Waddell William   1st Royal Dragoons  
Waddington George   38th Foot 4th Portuguese Line
Wade Hamlet   95th Foot  
Wade R. B, 97th Foot  
Wade Thomas Francis 20th Foot 42nd Foot
Wade William   52nd Foot 6th Foot
Wade William   29th Foot  
Wahl Gerhard Ludewig 3rd KGL Hussars  
Wahrendorff August   1st KGL Light  
Wainman William   14th Light Dragoons  
Wainwright F. F. 39th Foot  
Wainwright Henry W. 47th Foot  
Wainwright William   36th Foot  
Waite Richard   58th Foot  
Wakefield Edward   76th Foot  
Wakefield Gilbert   36th Foot  
Walbeoffe Thomas Wilkins 79th Foot  
Walbran Francis George 6th Foot  
Walby Samuel   Royal Waggon Train  
Walcott Edmund Yeamans Royal Artillery  
Waldegrave Edward   7th Light Dragoons  
Waldegrave John   72nd Foot 12th Light Dragoons
Waldie James Henry 18th Light Dragoons  
Waldron Charles   5th Foot 37th Foot
Waldron Edward   61st Foot  
Waldron John   27th Foot  
Waldron John   4th Dragoons  
Walker Alexander   97th Foot  
Walker Charles   5th Dragoon Guards  
Walker Charles   84th Foot  
Walker Colin   42nd Foot  
Walker David   58th Foot  
Walker George   66th Foot  
Walker George Henry 59th Foot  
Walker George Townsend General  
Walker Harry   23rd Foot 67th Foot
Walker Henry   71st Foot  
Walker Isaac   88th Foot Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Walker James   42nd Foot  
Walker James Perriman 20th Foot  
Walker John   51st Foot  
Walker Leslie   71st Foot 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Walker Richard   23rd Foot  
Walker Robert   82nd Foot  
Walker Roger   39th Foot  
Walker Samuel   3rd Foot Guards  
Walker Thomas   52nd Foot  
Walker William   11th Foot  
Walker William   26th Foot  
Walker William   49th Foot 85th Foot
Walker William   5th Dragoon Guards  
Walker William   35th Foot Assistant Commissary General
Wall Adam   Royal Artillery  
Wall John Quin Dorset Militia Volunteer
Wall Samuel   36th Foot 3rd Royal Veteran Battalion
Wall Thomas B. 1st Foot 11th Light Dragoons
Wallace Alexander Walker Royal Sappers and Miners  
Wallace Cosmo George 6th Foot  
Wallace Houston   14th Light Dragoons 91st Foot
Wallace Hugh Ritchie 7th Foot  
Wallace J. Charles 40th Foot  
Wallace John Alexander 88th Foot  
Wallace Robert   5th Foot  
Wallace Robert   87th Foot  
Wallace William   20th Foot  
Wallace William   7th Foot Staff Surgeon
Waller Charles   Royal Artillery  
Waller Edward   14th Foot  
Waller Edward   87th Foot  
Waller John   17th Foot  
Waller Joseph M. 14th Foot  
Waller Kilmer   57th Foot  
Waller Robert   103rd Foot Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Wallett Charles   32nd Foot 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Walley (Whalley) William   23rd Foot  
Wallington James   Deputy Purveyor  
Wallis Henry   52nd Foot  
Wallis John   52nd Foot  
Wallmoden-Gimborn Adolph Friederich Johann Wilhelm 1st KGL Hussars  
Walmsley John B. 82nd Foot  
Walpole     Volunteer 88th Foot
Walpole John   Coldstream Guards  
Walsh Anthony   9th Foot  
Walsh Charles   3rd Foot  
Walsh Edward   3rd Foot  
Walsh James   91st Foot 1st Battalion of Detachments
Walsh John Hutchinson 1st Foot 4th Foot
Walsh Lawrence   45th Foot  
Walsh Lawrence De 34th Foot  
Walsh Pearson Lyons 2nd Foot 4th Garrison Battalion
Walsh Theodore   38th Foot  
Walter John   62nd Foot  
Walter Philip   1st Foot Staff Surgeon
Walters William   7th Foot  
Walther Wilham   5th KGL Line  
Walton Charles   4th Dragoons  
Walton Richard   24th Foot  
Walton Robert   39th Foot  
Walton William Lovelace Coldstream Guards  
Wanch Robert Andrew 48th Foot  
Wandesforde C.H. Butler Clarke-Southwell 14th Light Dragoons  
Warburton Peter   97th Foot  
Ward Adam   Royal Artillery  
Ward Charles   52nd Foot 14th Light Dragoons
Ward Edward   4th Foot  
Ward George   Assistant Paymaster General
Ward James   4th Foot  
Ward John   95th Foot 7th Caçadores
Ward John Richard 27th Foot  
Ward John Richard 3rd Foot Guards  
Ward Robert   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Ward Walter   83rd Foot  
Ward William   34th Foot  
Ward William Cuthbert Royal Engineers  
Warde Francis   Royal Artillery  
Warde Henry   General  
Warde John   4th Foot  
Wardlaw John   64th Foot  
Wardlaw John   52nd Foot 4th Caçadores
Wardrop John Murdoch 81st Foot Assistant Quartermaster General
Wardrope James Hamilton 1st Foot  
Ware Thomas   90th Foot  
Waring J. Ekins 66th Foot  
Waring J. Thurlow Scott 28th Foot  
Waring John   23rd Light Dragoons  
Warner Thomas Francis 40th Foot  
Warre William   23rd Light Dragoons Staff
Warren Francis   9th Light Dragoons  
Warren John   92nd Foot  
Warren John   Deputy Inspector of Hospitals
Warren Lemuel   27th Foot Staff
Warren Massey  Hutchinson 43rd Foot  
Warren Richard Burke 84th Foot  
Warrender John   1st Foot Guards  
Warrington J.   27th Foot  
Warrington Thornhill   5th Dragoon Guards  
Warton Thomas William 48th Foot  
Wasdell John   57th Foot 66th Foot
Waterhouse Peter   81st Foot  
Waters John   1st Foot 1st Portuguese Line
Waters Marcus Antonius Royal Engineers  
Waters William   39th Foot  
Watkins Benjamin   4th Dragoons  
Watkins Edward   9th Foot  
Watkins Thomas   11th Light Dragoons 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Watkins William Nowell 48th Foot  
Watling John   39th Foot 18th Portuguese Line
Watson Benjamin   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Watson Charles   83rd Foot  
Watson Edward   9th Foot  
Watson Feltham   57th Foot  
Watson Frederick   1st Royal Dragoons 5th Portuguese Cavalry
Watson George   3rd Dragoons  
Watson George   Chaplain  
Watson George John Royal Horse Guards  
Watson Henry   48th Foot 4th Portuguese Cavalry
Watson Henry Robert 3rd Foot Guards  
Watson James   42nd Foot  
Watson John   60th Foot  
Watson John   94th Foot 4th Garrison Battalion
Watson John Thomas 5th Foot  
Watson John Williams 31st Foot Dillon’s Regiment
Watson Lawrence   59th Foot  
Watson Samuel   1st Foot Guards  
Watson Samuel   Royal Waggon Train  
Watson Thomas C. 3rd Dragoons  
Watson William   50th Foot  
Watson William   94th Foot  
Watson William Henry 1st Royal Dragoons  
Watt James Duff Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Watton John   Royal Waggon Train  
Watts George   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Watts John James 21st Foot 85th Foot
Watts Michael   Coldstream Guards  
Watts Osman Charles 89th Foot  
Wauchope Andrew   1st Foot 20th Foot
Way Gregory Homan Bromley 29th Foot  
Way Thomas   14th Foot  
Waymouth Samuel   2nd Life Guards  
Wear George   Assistant Commissary Field Trains
Weare Thomas   35th Foot ADC
Weatherall J. Morris Royal Artillery  
Weatherley James Dent 87th Foot 60th Foot
Weaver Charles   38th Foot  
Weaver Edward   Commissary Field Trains Ordnance
Weaver George   Royal Artillery  
Webb D. J. 4th Dragoon Guards  
Webb Edward   47th Foot 74th Foot
Webb John   92nd Foot  
Webb John Wynn 79th Foot 16th Portuguese Line
Webb Robert S. 3rd Dragoons  
Webb Samuel   1st Royal Dragoons Brigade Major
Webb William   12th Light Dragoons  
Webber William   Royal Artillery  
Webber-Smyth (Smith) James   Royal Artillery  
Webster Godfrey Vassal (5th Bart.) 20th Light Dragoons 18th Light Dragoons
Webster Henry T. 9th Light Dragoons ADC
Webster J. Wedderburn 10th Light Dragoons  
Webster Richard   51st Foot  
Wedderburn Alexander   Coldstream Guards ADC
Wedekind Carl   KGL Engineers  
Weeks Joshua Wingate 7th Foot Nova Scotia Fencibles
Wehinger Ignacius   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Wehsang Charles Louis George 60th Foot  
Weiblinger Henry   1st KGL Dragoons Brunswick Hussars
Weir Gordon   85th Foot  
Weir J.   Volunteer 42nd Foot
Weir John Laing 59th Foot  
Weir Robert   27th Foot  
Weir Thomas   1st Foot  
Weir William   Royal Artillery Drivers
Weir William   27th Foot  
Weiss Carl Ferdinand Albrecht 5th KGL Line  
Weiss J. Chretien De Watteville’s Regiment
Welby Richard   2nd Life Guards  
Weld Erasmus   Assistant Commissary Field Trains
Wellings George   57th Foot 85th Foot
Wellington James   3rd Foot  
Wellman Harvey   9th Foot 1st Garrison Battalion
Wells Fletcher   31st Foot  
Wells John   43rd Foot  
Wells John Neave Royal Engineers  
Wells Joseph   43rd Foot  
Welsh Jonas   5th Foot  
Welsh (Walsh) John West 11th Foot  
Welstead Benjamin   82nd Foot  
Wemyss Charles J. 7th Foot  
Wemyss Thomas James 50th Foot  
Wemyss William   6th Garrison Battalion 93rd Foot
Wemyss William   Assistant Commissary General
Werge John   38th Foot  
Wessel Friederich   2nd KGL Line  
West Augustus   4th Foot Staff Surgeon
West Charles   3rd Foot Guards  
West Charles Augustus 3rd Foot Guards 1st Royal Veteran Battalion
West George J. Royal Engineers  
West George Mercer 28th Foot  
West Henry   27th Foot  
West James Dawson 1st Foot Guards  
West John T. 3rd Foot  
Westby William   95th Foot  
Westcott George J. 77th Foot  
Western Charles   6th Foot 29th Foot
Westlake John   26th Foot  
Westlake Peter Charles 42nd Foot  
Westley Charles   84th Foot  
Westmacott John   Royal Staff Corps  
Weston Arthur   3rd Dragoon Guards  
Weston Francis   Royal Artillery  
Westropp Lionel John 59th Foot  
Westropp Ralph   12th Light Dragoons  
Wetzig Gottlieb Jacob Hieronimus KGL Artillery 1st KGL Line
Weyland Richard   16th Light Dragoons 99th Foot
Whale John   1st Life Guards  
Whalley Francis   52nd Foot 12th Light Dragoons
Whalley Henry   10th Foot  
Whalley Richard   43rd Foot  
Wharton William   85th Foot 73rd Foot
Wheadon William   Apothecary  
Wheat Thomas Clifton 81st Foot  
Wheatley Edmund   5th KGL Line  
Wheatley Henry   1st Foot Guards ADC
Wheatley John   38th Foot  
Wheatley William   1st Foot Guards  
Wheatley William   39th Foot  
Wheler C. Trevor 16th Light Dragoons  
Whichcote Benjamin   43rd Foot  
Whichcote George   Volunteer 52nd Foot
Whichcote Thomas   52nd Foot  
Whinyates  Edward  Charles Royal Artillery  
Whitaker John A. 21st Foot  
Whitaker Richard   82nd Foot  
White Andrew   88th Foot Staff Surgeon
White Benjamin   45th Foot  
White Charles   Coldstream Guards Deputy Assistant Adjutant General
White Charles Lawrence 3rd Foot Guards  
White Daniel   29th Foot  
White Edward James Volunteer 26th Foot
White Edward  P. 97th Foot Royal Staff Corps
White George   28th Foot  
White George   3rd Dragoon Guards 10th Portuguese Cavalry
White George   14th Foot  
White George   Royal Artillery Drivers  
White Henry   14th Light Dragoons  
White Henry   74th Foot  
White J. Loraine 30th Foot 14th Foot
White James   44th Foot  
White James   42nd Foot  
White James   4th Foot  
White James   20th Foot  
White John   61st Foot  
White John   4th Dragoon Guards  
White John   36th Foot  
White John   27th Foot  
White John Lewis 68th Foot  
White Luke   13th Light Dragoons  
White Michael   27th Foot  
White Robert   59th Foot  
White Robert   50th Foot  
White Warren Hastings 38th Foot  
White William   13th Light Dragoons Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
White William   38th Foot 12th Portuguese Line
White William   61st Foot  
White William Grove 48th Foot  
White William Ramsay Staff Surgeon 84th Foot
Whiteford John   15th Light Dragoons  
Whiteford John   48th Foot  
Whitelaw William   88th Foot  
Whitfield John   53rd Foot  
Whitley George   Volunteer 85th Foot
Whitley James   9th Foot  
Whitney Benjamin   Volunteer 43rd Foot
Whitney John   2nd KGL Light  
Whitney Luke   85th Foot  
Whitney Nicholas   66th Foot  
Whitter T. R. Assistant Paymaster General  
Whitting William   74th Foot  
Whittingham Samuel Ford 13th Light Dragoons Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Whittle John   88th Foot  
Whittle Robert   59th Foot  
Whittle Thomas Watson Royal Waggon Train  
Whitty Edward   32nd Foot  
Whitty Edward   26th Foot  
Whymper William   Coldstream Guards  
Whyte James   58th Foot  
Whyte Thomas   27th Foot  
Whyte William   51st Foot  
Wicke Johann Heinrich 4th KGL Line  
Wickens James   Royal Waggon Train  
Widdrington George John W. 34th Foot 83rd Foot
Widenham J. A. 40th Foot  
Widmer Christopher   14th Light Dragoons Staff Surgeon
Wiebold Carl   2nd KGL Hussars  
Wiegmann Heinrich   2nd KGL Light Brigade Major
Wiering Friederich   2nd KGL Hussars  
Wightman George   48th Foot  
Wigmore Henry   Volunteer 5th Foot
Wigston Richard Henry 3rd Foot Guards  
Wigton Arthur Rust Assistant Commissary Field Trains
Wigton James   9th Foot  
Wilcken Bodo   2nd KGL Light  
Wilcken Gideon   7th KGL Line  
Wilcocks (Wilcox) William   31st Foot  
Wilcocks (Willcocks) Robert   38th Foot  
Wilcox William   23rd Foot  
Wild John   48th Foot  
Wilde Benjamin   29th Foot  
Wildman Edward   4th Dragoons 7th Light Dragoons
Wildman John   7th Light Dragoons  
Wildman Thomas   7th Light Dragoons  
Wiley Samuel Nesbit Hospital Assistant  
Wiley William Henry 83rd Foot  
Wilford John   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Wilgress George W. Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Wilkie Fletcher   38th Foot  
Wilkie Peter   92nd Foot  
Wilkins George   95th Foot  
Wilkins George   39th Foot  
Wilkins James   Hospital Assistant  
Wilkinson George   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Wilkinson James M. 67th Foot  
Wilkinson John   26th Foot  
Wilkinson John Alexander 37th Foot  
Wilkinson John Byng 10th Light Dragoons 3rd Dragoons
Wilkinson John Frederick 28th Foot  
Wilkinson John Walker Assistant Commissary General
Wilkinson Starkey Hyde 5th Foot  
Wilkinson Thomas   43rd Foot 85th Foot
Wilkinson William   7th Foot 60th Foot
Wilkinson William   14th Foot  
Wilkinson William   59th Foot  
Will Andrew   92nd Foot  
Willan James   2nd KGL Light  
Willats Peter John 8th Foot 77th Foot
Willerman William   Royal Staff Corps  
Willett William Salter 34th Foot  
William John   74th Foot  
Williams Charles   47th Foot  
Williams Charles   53rd Foot  
Williams Charles Sawkins 91st Foot 1st Life Guards
Williams Cope   53rd Foot  
Williams David   43rd Foot  
Williams Edmund Keynton 81st Foot  
Williams Edward   3rd Foot 39th Foot
Williams George   2nd Foot  
Williams James   11th Foot  
Williams James   44th Foot  
Williams John   50th Foot  
Williams John   52nd Foot 1st Battalion of Detachments
Williams John   2nd Foot  
Williams John   Assistant Commissary Field Trains
Williams John Archer Royal Engineers  
Williams Rees   20th Foot 50th Foot
Williams Richard   68th Foot  
Williams Rowland E. 10th Light Dragoons 71st Foot
Williams Thomas   61st Foot  
Williams Thomas   Chaplain  
Williams Thomas G. Townshend Royal Artillery  
Williams Thomas Henry 1st Foot  
Williams Thomas M. 77th Foot  
Williams Trevor   39th Foot  
Williams William   Apothecary  
Williams William   11th Light Dragoons  
Williams William   5th Foot 3rd Garrison Battalion
Williams William   7th Foot  
Williams William   43rd Foot  
Williams William   26th Foot  
Williams William   81st Foot 60th Foot
Williams William   13th Royal Veteran Battalion  
Williams William Freke Royal African Corps 85th Foot
Williamson David   4th Foot  
Williamson Donald   42nd Foot  
Williamson James   79th Foot 94th Foot
Williamson James   28th Foot 7th Foot
Williamson John   4th Foot  
Williamson John Sutherland Royal Artillery  
Williamson Paul   1st Foot  
Williamson Thomas   30th Foot  
Willis George Brandon Royal Artillery  
Willis Henry   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Willis Henry   13th Light Dragoons  
Willock Matthew   103rd Foot Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Willoe Ponsonby Christopher 58th Foot  
Wills Bernard   Royal Artillery  
Wills James   Royal Artillery  
Willshire John   38th Foot  
Willshire John   38th Foot  
Willshire Thomas   38th Foot  
Willshire William   38th Foot  
Wilmerding Ernst Ludewig 2nd KGL Dragoons  
Wilmore Frederick   Hospital Assistant  
Wilmot Edward   Royal Artillery  
Wilson Atkinson   1st Foot  
Wilson Christian   48th Foot 14th Foot
Wilson George   39th Foot  
Wilson George Davis 4th Foot  
Wilson George   58th foot  
Wilson Henry   37th Foot  
Wilson James   48th Foot  
Wilson James William 3rd Garrison Battalion 39th Foot
Wilson John   Assistant Commissary Field Trains
Wilson John   77th Foot  
Wilson John   Royal Artillery  
Wilson John   97th Foot Loyal Lusitanian Legion
Wilson John   68th Foot  
Wilson John   31st Foot  
Wilson John Alexander 2nd Foot  
Wilson John Morillyon 1st Foot  
Wilson John Naper 50th Foot  
Wilson Joseph   Royal Artillery Drivers  
Wilson Richard   2nd Foot  
Wilson Robert   51st Foot  
Wilson Robert Thomas General  
Wilson Thomas   20th Light Dragoons  
Wilson Thomas   28th Foot  
Wilson Thomas M. 59th Foot  
Wilson William   1st Foot  
Wilson  George   Hospital Assistant  
Wilson (Willson) George Davis 4th Foot  
Wilton John   53rd Foot  
Wimbridge     Purveyor  
Winchester Robert   92nd Foot  
Winckler August   5th KGL Line  
Windhand (Smyth) Joseph Smyth 10th Light Dragoons  
Windheim Carl   7th KGL Line  
Windle John Shepard 16th Foot  
Windowe Samuel   1st Royal Dragoons  
Windsor Edward Charles 1st Royal Dragoons  
Windsor (Winser) William   27th Foot  
Wingate John   23rd Foot  
Wingate Robert Fenton 74th Foot  
Wingfield John   Coldstream Guards  
Wingfield William   36th Foot  
Winkelman Henry   Royal Waggon Train  
Winnett (Winniett) James   68th Foot Brigade Major
Winnicki Christopher   Deputy Purveyor  
Winter George   Deputy Purveyor  
Winter John   Deputy Purveyor  
Winter Valentine   De Watteville’s Regiment  
Winterbottom John   95th Foot  
Winterscale John   71st Foot  
Wirth Ludewig   Brunswick Light Infantry  
Wishart Alexander   42nd Foot 15th Foot
Witney John   11th Foot 71st Foot
Wodehouse Nicholas   9th Foot 50th Foot
Wodehouse Philip   20th Foot 96th Foot
Wolchenhaar Georg Wilhelm Friederich 6th KGL Line  
Wolfe Edward   28th Foot  
Wolfe John   61st Foot  
Wolff Frederick   Chasseurs Britannique  
Wolff John Anthony 60th Foot  
Wolff Wilhelm   1st KGL Line  
Wolfradt Friederich Heinrich Brunswick Light Infantry  
Wolkenhaar Georg Ludewig Julius Heinrich 2nd KGL Line  
Wollaston R. H. 82nd Foot  
Wollring Friederich Wilhelm 2nd KGL Hussars  
Wolrabe Hermann   1st KGL Light  
Wolseley Henry   27th Foot  
Wolseley William Edward 23rd Foot  
Wombwell George   10th Light Dragoons  
Wombwell William (Walter)   44th Foot  
Wood Charles   52nd Foot 68th Foot
Wood Daniel   10th Royal Veteran Battalion 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Wood David   57th Foot Staff Surgeon
Wood Frederick   11th Light Dragoons  
Wood George   82nd Foot 2nd Battalion of Detachments
Wood George Adam Royal Artillery  
Wood H. F. 48th Foot  
Wood Henry   76th Foot  
Wood Henry Owen 37th Foot  
Wood J.   13th Royal Veteran Battalion  
Wood James Humphreys Royal Artillery  
Wood John   68th Foot  
Wood John   Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Wood John   4th Foot Brigade Major
Wood John   32nd Foot  
Wood John Charles 58th Foot  
Wood Joseph Thomas 2nd Foot  
Wood Nesbitt   58th Foot  
Wood Robert Henry 40th Foot  
Wood Thomas   Coldstream Guards  
Wood William   44th Foot  
Wood William Leighton 4th Foot  
Wood  William T. 3rd Foot  
Woodberry George   18th Light Dragoons  
Woodcock Thomas   4th Dragoon Guards  
Woodford Alexander George Coldstream Guards  
Woodford John George 1st Foot Guards Deputy Assistant Quartermaster General
Woodford Samuel   37th Foot  
Woodgate John   52nd Foot 1st Battalion of Detachments
Woodgate William   60th Foot  
Woodham John   9th Foot  
Woodhouse Robert   Volunteer 88th Foot
Woodhouse Thomas   1st Foot  
Woods George   52nd Foot 13th Royal Veteran Battalion
Woods Richard   3rd Foot  
Woods William   3rd Foot  
Woods William   48th Foot 4th Dragoon Guards
Woodward Thomas   4th Foot  
Woodyear Lumley   Royal Artillery Brigade Major
Woolcombe Philip   Royal Artillery  
Woolcombe Robert   Royal Artillery  
Woolcombe William   71st Foot  
Wooldridge John   Royal Artillery  
Wooldridge Thomas Thornbury 7th Foot  
Woolrich Stephen   Staff Surgeon Deputy Inspector of Hospitals
Wootham Hale Young Royal Engineers  
Worsley Henry   85th Foot 4th Garrison Battalion
Worsley Thomas Taylor 95th Foot  
Woulfe Robert   96th Foot Staff Surgeon
Wraxall William Nescelles 34th Foot  
Wray Hugh Boyd 30th Foot  
Wray Hugh Boyd 40th Foot  
Wray Thomas   7th Foot  
Wray William Galbraith 27th Foot  
Wrench Edward Cremaney 38th Foot 9th Light Dragoons
Wrench William HandField 38th Foot  
Wrenn John   11th Foot  
Wrenn Robert   11th Foot  
Wright Benjamin   52nd Foot  
Wright Charles   Deputy Commissary General  
Wright David   48th Foot  
Wright Francis (Alexander) 28th Foot  
Wright Frederick   Royal Artillery  
Wright Henry Richard Royal Artillery  
Wright James   94th Foot  
Wright John   23rd Foot 26th Foot
Wright John   61st Foot  
Wright John   59th Foot  
Wright John   9th Light Dragoons  
Wright John   27th Foot  
Wright John Mercer 82nd Foot  
Wright Peter   Royal Engineers  
Wright Samuel   3rd Foot  
Wright Thomas   4th Dragoons  
Wright Thomas   48th Foot  
Wright Thomas   Physician  
Wright Thomas   36th Foot  
Wright William Henry 4th Dragoons  
Wrixon Henry   5th Dragoon Guards 1st Life Guards
Wrixon Jonathan   20th Foot  
Wrixon Nicholas   10th Foot  
Wulff Kenelan Chandler Royal Artillery  
Wunning Jacob   5th KGL Line  
Wyatt Henry   Royal Artillery  
Wyatt Henry Robastes 1st Life Guards  
Wyatt Herbert   83rd Foot  
Wyatt John   34th Foot  
Wyatt William Edgell 23rd Foot  
Wybault Patrick Robert Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Wyer John   88th Foot  
Wylde John Fewtrell 24th Foot 4th Dragoons
Wylde John Newman 5th Foot 56th Foot
Wylde Ralph   Royal York Rangers 89th Foot
Wylde William   87th Foot Brigade Major
Wylie Robert J. Deputy Assistant Commissary General
Wylly Alexander Campbell 7th Foot  
Wynch James   4th Foot  
Wyndham Charles   10th Light Dragoons  
Wyndham George   78th Foot 12th Light Dragoons
Wyndham Henry   1st Foot Guards 10th Light Dragoons
Wyndham Thomas Norton 1st Royal Dragoons  
Wynecken Christian   1st KGL Light  
Wyneken Ernst Claus 2nd KGL Line  
Wyneken Friederich   2nd KGL Light  
Wynn Thomas   Royal Artillery  
Wynn William   Staff Surgeon  
Wynne Abraham William 60th Foot  
Wynne Henry   23rd Foot  
Wynne Henry Hare Royal Horse Guards  
Wynne Thomas   Royal Waggon Train  
Wynne Watkin   23rd Foot  
Wynyard Montague   Coldstream Guards  
Wynyard William Clinton Coldstream Guards ADC
Wyse Francis   47th Foot  

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